Is the economy Bolsonaro's Achilles heel?

Unemployment decreases. Banks adjust GDP projections upwards. Consumption indicators show improvement. And inflation, which is high all over the world, is worrying, but it is not out of control – as seen in Argentina. Still, the economy appears to be Bolsonaro’s Achilles heel. Why? Is it bad will from the press and the market? Or does the government fail to communicate economic facts?

Last week, President Jair Bolsonaro filed a lawsuit in the STF against… a minister of the STF. The burning of the crime against Alexandre de Moraes, however, was quickly rejected by the always helpful minister Dias Toffoli. The gesture, by both Bolsonaro and Toffoli, shows that there is really no one to turn to against the dictatorship of the Judiciary.

Finally, the project that regulates homeschooling, also known as homeschooling, was finally passed in the House of Representatives. The left is furious and tries to impose the narrative that the project forces people to opt for homeschooling.

To talk about In these matters, Paulo Polzonoff Jr has at his side, so to speak, the Gazeta do Povo columnists Guilherme Fiuza and Rodrigo Constantino. This is the edition 77 of the podcast O Papo É.

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