Is Paul Hollywood Married He Has Dated how many women?

Is Paul Hollywood Married He Has Dated how many women: The Great British Bake Off’s 13th season, which debuts tonight, will once again have Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith serving as judges. Paul is renowned for his scathing critiques of contestants on the baking competition show as they attempt to achieve the coveted Hollywood handshake by finishing a series of challenging tasks.

Baking jobs are technically difficult. After serving as a judge since the baking competition’s 2010 BBC Two premiere, the programme changed to Channel 4 in 2016. Paul has performed on stage with celebrities like Prue Leith and Mary Berry from the start of the show, but he has also had a variety of intimate and professional relationships with women. Is Paul Hollywood married? Let’s find out.

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Has Paul Hollywood been married before?

The 56-year-old Hollywood has been married previously; he spent 20 years with his ex-wife, family food writer Alexandra. In 1996, they first connected in Cyprus, when she was a diving instructor and he was the hotel’s head baker. Josh, their son, was born in 2001 after their 1998 wedding. After Hollywood had an affair with Marcela Valladolid, his co-star in the American Baking Competition, the couple first broke up in 2013.

Is Paul Hollywood Married He Has Dated how many women

Although they later reconciled, the couple declared in 2017 that their relationship was over permanently. Last Valentine’s Day, the food writer published her thoughts on her marriage in a social media post, saying: “My own marriage was too over seasoned with extramarital affairs for my taste and so I opted out and selected the single menu instead.

“It wasn’t simple, and it took some getting used to; at first, I wasn’t even sure I enjoyed it much, but when I regained my confidence, my independence, and myself after so much time, I learned that it truly isn’t a cliche to say happiness really does come from inside.”

People don’t want to think that a woman can be happy single, and I’m told that I shouldn’t worry, that I’ll find someone great again, she continued. “I still get the occasional well-meaning comment that I’ll get’snapped up soon’ (much like a supermarket meal deal),” she said. But that’s all there is. I have it already. I am that special someone.

How Many Women Has He Dated?

After his marriage ended, Paul became associated with Candice Brown, the 2016 Great British Bake Off champion, whom he had mentored on the competition. At the Pride of Britain Awards after-party, he was seen on camera maybe kissing her as Candice stroked Paul’s ear in another picture.

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The images came to light the day after she made her longtime boyfriend Liam Macaulay’s engagement to her official. Paul and Candice refuted the split rumours, but three weeks later Alex and Paul made their separation official.

Although they claimed there was no adultery, Candice and Liam’s marriage didn’t work out, and they split in 2020. A bartender named Summer Monteys-Fullam gained notoriety in 2017 after stories about her and her boyfriend, Paul, went viral.

Is Paul Hollywood Married He Has Dated how many women

In the small village of Ickham, which is close to Canterbury, Summer was working as the bartender at Duke William when he first saw her. She became so close to the well-known chef that she left her job, and when she was only 23, he lavished her with presents including exotic vacations and a £9,000 hot tub for her birthday.

In February of this year, Paul acquired a $1 million house in Kent for himself and his young lover. However, although Paul got Summer to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) promising never to expose their affair, the relationship only lasted a few more months.

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