Han So-Hee’s Dating Rumors: Is The Actress Dating Fellow Actor Song Kang In 2023?

With her flawless performances and unmistakable charisma, South Korean actress Han So-hee has won over fans all over the world. Han So-hee has become a rising celebrity in the Korean entertainment sector when she landed her breakout role in the 2020 drama “The World of the Married.”

Regarding Han So-Hee’s romantic life, the actress wishes to maintain privacy. But her keen-eyed fans are always aware of what is happening in the world around her. Since 2021, Han So-hee has been the focus of relationship rumors involving an actor and a model. Who is this individual?

Early Life and Background

Han So-hee, who was born on November 18, 1994, in Ulsan, South Korea, grew up in poverty. She dreamed of being an actor as a child and worked hard to achieve that goal.


She started a career in the entertainment industry after completing her studies, making the tiny steps that eventually led to her breakthrough.

Han So Hee Dating Life

Since they co-starred in the 2021 series Still, Song Kang and Han So Hee have been the focus of dating rumours. Although the two actors have refuted the accusations, their tight connection has only served to increase suspicions.


A picture of Song Kang and Han So Hee that appeared to show them out on a date went viral online in June 2022. Han So Hee’s agency swiftly disproved the image, claiming that it was really taken at a gathering of the cast and crew of her drama My Name.

The allegations about their dating have continued despite their denials. Song Kang was recently asked about his friendship with Han So Hee in an interview, but he chose not to immediately respond. He claimed to be “close” to Han So Hee, but he avoided disclosing if they are romantically involved.


Han So Hee has similarly resisted sharing details of her private life. She recently stated in an interview that she is “not in a hurry” to start dating. She claimed that she is now not looking for love because she is too busy focusing on her career.

Han So Hee and Song Kang may or may not be romantically involved. As long as the two stars keep up their tight friendship, the rumors will probably persist. Both of them are reportedly single and have been concentrating on their work rather than dating anybody else.

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Breakthrough Role

Han So-portrayal hee’s of Yeo Da-Kyung in the drama series “The World of the Married” brought her significant acclaim in 2020.


Her portrayal of a young lady involved in an acrimonious relationship won her praise from critics and viewers alike.

Han established herself as a potential actress to watch thanks to her capacity to emote complicated emotions with delicacy and authenticity.

Versatile Performances

The talent of Han So-hee is not limited to one notable role. She has shown her versatility by playing a variety of characters in later productions.


She played a free-spirited art student negotiating the complications of contemporary relationships in the drama series “Nevertheless” (2021). Han’s portrayal demonstrated her capacity to hold people’ attention with her alluring appearance and complex emotional range.

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Rising Popularity

Han So-burgeoning hee’s fame is evidence of her talent and charisma on screen. She keeps building a devoted fan base both domestically and abroad with every endeavour.

She is a highly sought-after actress in the Korean entertainment business thanks to her attractiveness and talent for expressing nuanced emotions.

Impact and Future Projects

The influence of Han So-hee goes beyond her performances. She has grown to be a prominent figure that serves as an example to many with her tenacity, professionalism, and commitment to her field. By breaking prevailing assumptions and storylines, her ascent to prominence has given actors in the Korean drama business access to more diverse roles.

Fans are excited to see Han So-hee further demonstrate her skill and explore new aspects of her acting abilities, and they eagerly anticipate her forthcoming ventures. Han So-rising hee’s star makes it clear that she will have a lasting impact on the Korean entertainment scene.

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Fans have begun to wonder whether Han So-hee and Song Kang, who are renowned for their great on-screen chemistry, are actually dating. Yet in actuality, they are not dating.

Although Han So-hee and Song Kang are close to one another, some fans have interpreted their friendship as amorous. It is significant to note that outside of their friendship, neither Han So-hee nor Song Kang has publicly acknowledged any romantic involvement. It would therefore be incorrect to refer to them as lovers.

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