Iratta OTT release date: When and where to watch this drama thriller Starring Joju George

Iratta, a 2023 Malayalam film, stars Joju George. Throughout his long and illustrious acting career, he is making his debut in the dual roles of ASI Vinod and DYSP Pramod. The movie is a dramatization of a detective investigation.

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Iratta OTT Release Date

Iratta is all set to have its premiere on 03 March 2023 on Netflix.

Both viewers and critics were impressed by Iratta, giving the film high marks overall. The subject will reportedly be the police, and Joju George will play two different roles in the movie, which will be a first for him in his acting career. Each of these characters has contrasting personalities, which frequently brings them into direct opposition to one another.

There have been speculations that the OTT powerhouse Netflix has acquired the rights to Iratta’s digital streaming content. The movie will become available to stream on the OTT platform beginning on March 3, 2023.

When and Where to Watch Iratta

You can watch this drama thriller on 03 March 2023 on Netflix.

A recent announcement made by Joju George was that he would be leaving the social media network Instagram. The actor sent out a personal video message to his fans in which he claimed, “I have not engaged with any form of media for a considerable amount of time. I decided to make an effort to become involved in the promotion of the Iratta movie all over again. However, I’ve been forced into needless conflicts more times than I can count.

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The actor who spoke Malayalam went on to say, “I’m solely going to concentrate on movies. My professional life is going through a challenging period right now. I beg you, do not trouble me. I am not making a request for your aid at this time. But, it would be much appreciated if you could avoid from bothering me in the future.”

What’s the story of Iratta

Due to the fact that the incident took place within the police station, the officers are under a great deal of pressure to investigate and uncover the truth. Who is responsible for the murder? Why did he commit the crime when he was in the custody of the police? The director and the playwright use these questions to narrate a scenario that will give the audience goosebumps down their spine.

Iratta OTT release date

The fact that three officers are the primary suspects adds a great deal of suspense to the situation. In Malayalam, Pramod and Vinod are referred to as “Iratta,” and both of them are brothers who work as police officers. The story is told through their acquaintances and those who are close to them. The film is both a procedural drama and a crime investigation story because it follows the investigation of a crime.

Although it starts off as a police procedural drama, “Iratta” eventually goes in a different direction. Even though it only takes place over the course of one day, it is fascinating to watch how the filmmaker was able to incorporate many different elements into the story, such as the twins’ childhood and the recollections of their acquaintances about them. The movie also has an effect on your feelings. The movie moves forward without interrupting the natural flow of the screenplay in any way.

Cast & Crew of Iratta

Joju George, Anjali, Arya Salim, Srinda, Sabu Mon, Srikanth Murali, Abhiram, Sreeja, Sarath Sabha, Shebin Benson, and Jithu Ashraf feature in it. Iratta is directed by Rohit MG Krishnan, who is also the show’s writer. Jakes Bejoy is responsible for composing the score, and Vijay is in charge of capturing the images. Jithu Ashraf is credited as one of the film’s co-directors. Martin Prakkat, Joju George, and Sijo Vadakkan are the producers. Manu Antony is the one responsible for the movie’s editing.

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Joju George, a well-known actor in Mollywood, made a successful comeback this year with the drama thriller film “Iratta,” and viewers reacted well to both the film and Joju George’s performance in it. Recent information indicates that the movie will be available for digital streaming beginning on March 3 and continuing thereafter.

Vinod and Pramod, who are identical twins, are the protagonists of the film “Iratta,” which is directed by Rohit MG Krishnan and centers on their tale. It has been noted that Joju George’s outstanding performance was the most noteworthy aspect of the movie. Fans of motion pictures also praised the fantastic narrative that was crafted by the film’s director, Rohit MG Krishnan.

The word-of-mouth generated by moviegoers was favorable for Joju George’s film “Iratta,” despite the fact that it was only moderately successful at the box office in Kerala.
Vijay was responsible for the cinematography, and Jakes Bejoy was the one who composed the score for ‘Iratta.’ This film starring Joju George had its editing done by Manu Antony, and Charles was in charge of the sound design.

In addition to Joju George, the actors Anjali, Manoj KU, Abhiram Radhakrishnan, Arya Salim, Srikant Murali, Srindaa, Shebin Benson, and James Eliya also played significant roles in the film “Iratta.”

On the other side, Joju George is currently working on a number of extremely ambitious projects, some of which include the films “Voice of Sathyanathan,” “Cult,” “Irumukham,” and “Brice Lee.” Irambam is also on George’s to-do list.

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