Iran officials steal protester's body and bury it away from family to avoid protests

Protesto em Teerã: Irã vive uma onda de manifestações desde a morte de uma jovem de 22 anos, presa e agredida por policiais por “uso inadequado” do hijab
Protest in Tehran: Iran has been experiencing a wave of demonstrations since the death of a 22 , arrested and assaulted by police for “inappropriate use” of hijab| Photo: EFE/EPA/STR

Iranian security forces stole the body of a protester from

years and buried him in another location without notifying the family, to avoid protests.

The story was reported to the BBC by sources close to family members of teenager Nika Shakarami, who was missing for ten days after to participate in a demonstration in Tehran in 20 September. A friend told the young woman’s family that she had told in a message that she was being pursued by security forces.04211026 Family members found Nika’s body in a morgue at a detention center in the Iranian capital. Atash Shakarami, Nika’s aunt, reported that the security forces did not allow the family to see the whole body, only the face of the young woman for a few seconds.04211026

The teenager’s body was taken to her father’s hometown, Khorramabad, in the west of the country, on Sunday (2), the day Nika would have completed 17 years old.

However, even with the family agreeing not to hold a funeral, the body was removed without warning and buried in the village of Veysian. , 20 kilometers from Khorramabad, according to sources heard by the BBC, which they added that security forces issued death threats if family members held protests. Atash, Nika’s aunt, was arrested on Sunday after talking about her niece on social media.

Iran has been experiencing a wave of demonstrations since the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman from 22 years from the Kurdish city of Saqez who died three weeks ago in Tehran after being arrested and beaten by police for “inappropriate use” of the hijab, the Islamic veil.

The Iranian regime has restricted the internet and has been violently repressing the protests. According to the NGO Iran Human Rights, based in Norway, at least 154 people have already been killed by the security forces in these demonstrations.

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