Iran government confirms more than 200 deaths during protests in the country

The Security Council of Iran said this Saturday (3) that “more than 200 people lost their lives” during protests in the country that began in September this year. The government also announced that the security forces will act more actively in any demonstration.

The body, which is linked to the Ministry of the Interior, indicated that the 200 deaths happened in terrorist attacks during the riots, the victims being “armed rioters and counterrevolutionary elements, members of separatist groups.” This is the first time since the start of the protests in 16 September that Iran has released an official death toll.

“As for the protesters, the Islamic Republic of Iran treated them with the utmost tolerance”, but “the enemy’s plan was the continuation of the disturbances and the strategic patience of the system” caused great damage, indicates the note.

In addition , the Ministry warns that the Council “will act more decisively” and “the security forces and the police, with all their strength and determination, will no longer allow a few troublemakers, with the support of foreign intelligence agencies, to endanger the public safety of society”. “Therefore, any disturbance of public order and illegal assembly at any level and place will be treated with decision and without tolerance”, completes the text.

The Ministry’s communiqué is published amidst the call new protests against the Iranian regime, to be held from Monday to Wednesday.

Demonstrations in Iran began on 16 September, after the death of the young woman Mahsa Amini, 22 years old and of Kurdish origin, while in police custody, arrested, allegedly, for incorrectly wearing the Islamic headscarf.

Foreign NGOs , such as Iran Human Rights, based in Oslo, Norway, point out that the death toll is 448, due to police repression. In addition, at least 2,000 people have been accused of various crimes , and six of them have been condemned to death so far.

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