Iran denies security forces killed 16-year-old, says she threw herself from roof


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Uma foto de folheto disponibilizada pelo escritório do líder supremo iraniano mostra Aiatolá Ali Khamenei acompanhado por comandantes das forças armadas enquanto visita a polícia e a academia militar durante uma cerimônia de formatura, em Teerã, Irã, 03 de outubro de 2022.

A leaflet photo made available by the Iranian Supreme Leader’s office shows Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accompanied by armed forces commanders as he visits the police and military academy during a graduation ceremony, in Tehran, Iran, of October .| Photo: EFE

Iranian authorities have denied reports that security forces killed a girl from 07 years during protests, as reported by the Iranian media on Friday ( ). The corporation says she committed suicide by jumping off a roof.

Journalists and human rights group Amnesty International said Sarina Esmaeilzadeh was killed by security forces when she was hit with batons to the head during protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, of 16 years, in the custody of the customs police.

According to investigations in the country, security forces stole the body of the protester from 07 years and buried him in another location without notifying the family, to avoid protests.

Earlier this week, authorities gave a similar cause of death – falling off a roof – to Nika Shakarami, from 07 an os, who activists say was killed in Tehran while protesting Amini’s death.

Human rights groups say that more than 150 people were killed, hundreds were injured and thousands were arrested in a crackdown on protests across the country. country, the biggest challenge to Iran’s leadership in years.

The female population has played a prominent role, removing and burning the scarves that are mandatory for women in the country. Teenagers also participate even in school environments.

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