Intinti Ramayanam OTT release date: When and where to watch this Family Drama starring Rahul Ramakrishna, Navya Swamy

It has been announced that the Telugu film “Intinti Ramayanam” will make its premiere on a well-known Telugu over-the-top (OTT) platform. After having a great run in theatres since June 9th, the movie will be made available online for streaming exactly two weeks later. The formal announcement of the OTT release date has made it possible for cinephiles of Telugu films to mark the date on their calendars.

Intinti Ramayanam OTT Release Date

Intinti Ramayanam is all set to be premiered on 23 June 2023 on Aha Video.

The director Suresh Naredla uses a straightforward tale about a family that resonates strongly with viewers on many levels. Simply astounding, both in terms of the way he tells the story and the way he creates the characters. In addition to that, he accords equal value to each of the characters.

The screenplay is well-written, and the filmmaker does a good job of keeping the pace of the tale moving quickly, particularly in the first half. The combination of solid comedy and a Telangana accent worked quite well, and it made the crowd laugh out loud the entire time.

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Critics noted that the movie’s touching family story struck a chord with viewers and complimented filmmaker Naredla’s remarkable narrative approach and character development, stressing his capacity to give each character equal weight. The screenplay received praise for its smooth transitions that drew viewers into the intriguing and realistic story.

However, other reviews noted that the second half of the movie falters due to weak narrative and sequences that are readily foreseen, which slows down the overall rhythm. IMDb users gave the movie an 8.2/10 rating.

When and Where to Watch Intinti Ramayanam

You can watch this Family Drama on Aha Video from 23 June 2023.

In the beginning, there were some discussions on the possibility of directly distributing “Intinti Ramayanam” via OTT. However, the team behind the film chose to give people the opportunity to see it in theatres before it was made available digitally.

Now, the widely awaited movie is all prepared to thrill viewers on the OTT streaming platform, assuring that spectators in every corner of the world will have the opportunity to delight in the film’s hilarious antics and intriguing narrative.

The movie is being referred to as a “Khatarnak Family Drama,” which highlights the fact that it contains features that are enjoyable and engaging and will resonate with spectators. The story of ‘Intinti Ramayanam’ is one that will warm your heart; it is set in the countryside of Telangana, and it depicts the highs and lows of family dynamics in a funny way. It is anticipated that viewers of all ages would have the opportunity to enjoy an experience that is morally upstanding and entertaining.

Some of the moments may be anticipated with relative ease, which causes the movie to drag unnecessarily and acts as an obstruction to the narrative flow. Certain members of the audience could have trouble understanding particular Telangana words.

What’s the story of Intinti Ramayanam

Ramulu (Naresh) is a pure and good man who is surrounded by kind and kind individuals. When assistance is required, he is the first person anyone, including his own family, may turn to for assistance. Love blossoms between Rahul Ramakrishna’s character, Srinivas, and Navya Swamy’s portrayal of Ramulu’s daughter, Sandhya.

One day, a significant piece of property disappears from Ramulu’s home. Because of the circumstances, he has reason to distrust every member of his family, including Srinivas. What was it that was misplaced? Who is the one stealing? What did Ramulu do next? The video will provide the solutions to your problems.

Cast & Crew of Intinti Ramayanam

Suresh Naredla, who is making his first movie as a director, the film stars Rahul Ramakrishna, Naresh, and Navya Swamy in lead roles, along with Surabhi Prabhavathi, Gangavva, Anji Mama, Anji, Chevella Ravi, Jeevan, Radhika, Steven Madhu, and Kavitha Srirangam.

Gopichand Innamuri and Venkat Upputuri paid for the movie, and director Maruthi and editor Suryadevara Naga Vamsi supported it. The music for the movie was written by Kalyani Malik.

Intinti Ramayanam OTT release date

The veteran actor Naresh gives another outstanding performance, which completely captivates the audience. He immerses himself completely in the role, making a powerful impact on everyone watching him perform. His characterization was developed in such a way that he will strike a chord with the vast majority of the audience.

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Once again, Rahul Ramakrishna is given a role that is worthwhile, and he gives it his all in the performance. The actress Navya Swamy leaves a lasting impression on everyone with her playful portrayal in the first half and her more serious turn in the second half. Her acting is commendable in this part.

It would appear that the filmmaker has put more of an emphasis on making the audience laugh over a period of two hours without making them feel too emotionally invested. Since the script for the characters is strong, increasing the number of opportunities for touching moments in Intinti Ramayanam might have resulted in an even greater movie.

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