Insist on investing in Sensex / Stock vs. Other sources of investment | Insist on investing in Sensex / Stock versus other sources of investing

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Ahmedabad 16 days ago

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Investors who cannot work smart can resort to SIPs in equity mutual funds.

Mahesh Trivedi | In the calendar year Ahmedabad 2020, the Sensex posted a return of 14%. Granted, that can be worked around, but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. The Sensex is the market barometer. No individual stocks. When you invest in gold, silver, FD bank, land construction, you only have one investment option. But when investing in the stock market, you should choose one or more of the over 5,200 stocks listed on the BSE based on your education, experience and skills as well as your financial strength and ability to take risks. That’s not to say that the Sensex only lost 14% against 28% in gold and 43% in silver. But if you buy Asian Paint stock at the start of the year on 30 companies in the Sensex pack you get 80.10% returns, if you buy IndusInd Bank you get 77% negative returns and if you buy Infosys , you get 68% positive feedback. Reliance Industries is also losing 32 percent. Which shows that starting with the new calendar year, you need to trade with a smart, uncommon mindset. Yes, investors who can’t do a smart job can resort to SIPs in equity mutual funds.

Position of the calendar year in Sensex

Varsakhulibandha 20082032527964731 (up / down) 2120677769739200997205517464812010174734520509092011206216115454922012155346719426712013195134521170682014212221927499422015274857726117542014212221927499422015274857726117542014122219274994220152748577261175415826112682682672682631126726550, 059.9936.068.33201936.161.18041.253.74202041.349.3646.973,54

Position 2020 of the Sensex pack

Open company + + -% Ashi. Paint 1.790.002649 (48%) Axis Bank 755.00610 (-25%) Bajaj Auto Bajaj Finserv 9.400.008.992.00 Bajaj Fi. Bharti Airtel 458.00517.00 Dr. Reddy 2888005203 (80, 10%) ecasielateka 572.00920.00 HDFC 2,417.002,218.00 HDFC Bank 1,275.001,345.00 HUL 1,931.002,399.00 ICICI539.00514.00 IndusInd 151000852 (-77%), Infosys 733001236 (68%) and ITC 239208 Kotak Bank 44861962 L 53101262 Marindlé 7371162 L 13471162 1482018578 NTPC 119100 ONGC 12893 Power Grid 192190 Reliance 15161994 (32%) SBI 335267 Sun Pharma 433590 TCS 21702908 Tech. Mahindra 765947 Titan 11961496 Ultratech 40665042

2077: Long term stocks with stoploss

Kampanichellotargetastopalosabhalamanabharati 517.00575.00438 Maintain / ICICI514.00550.00440 Maintain Buy / kharidoindasainda 853.001,500.00775 Maintain / kharidoatisi 208.00280.00170 Maintain / kharidolarsana 1,261.001,500.00440 Maintain Buy / kharidoindasainda 853.001,500.00775 Maintain / kharidoatisi 208.00280.00170 Maintain / kharidolarsana 1,261.001,500.00440 Maintain Buy / kharidoindasainda 853.001,500.00775 Maintain / kharidoatisi 208.00280.00170 Maintain / kharidolarsana 1,261.001,500.00440 Maintenance

Movement according to index

Auto 5 67 120 317 Bankex 11,440.00 34,925.00 Cap. Goods 19,792.00 18,390.00 Cons. Dürr. 7,052,0029,206,00 Energy 2,586 (2016) 6,042.00 FMCG 7881 (2016) 12,590.00 Finance 3806 (2016) 6,863.00 Health 16852 (2016) 21,617.00 IT, 11042 (2016) 24,013.00 metal 20,108,0011,295,00 13,433,0013,965,00 oil PSU power 4,584,002,050,00 Real estate 12,804,002 361,00 Technology 4,016,0011,033,00 Telecom 1,418 (2016) 1,281

Watchlist of the week
Adani Power, Hindustan Copper, Meghmani Organics, Tata Power, Tata Steel, Tata Motor, Shrirama Multitech, Cadila Healthcare, PNB, Godrej Properties

Watchlist for 2021
Ajanta Pharma, Alembic Pharma, Dixon Techno., HDFC AMC, Emphasis, Whirlpool India, Varun Beverages, Page Industries, Astral Poly, Dr. RedPathLab

New target of 14000-14200 for Nifty, Stop Loss 13626

Technically, a new goal of 14,000 points can be seen for the Nifty. If the Nifty now crosses the 13780-13800 point level, the trading strategy should be adjusted taking into account the 14000-14200 level above, below the 13626 support level. Biocon: bullish, last: 482, target : 518, stoploss: 458 The stock looks attractive in terms of risk / reward ratio. Technically, given the condition of the RSI-smooth oscillator, the stock is trading at Rs. May improve to 518. Rs. Keep in mind the stoploss of 458. IndusInd Bank: bearish, last : 852.80, target: 805, Stoploss: 874. Last week there was a sudden reservation of big profits. The bearish cross on the daily chart as well as the 5 and 20 day short term moving averages also give a negative signal. Seeing this, the stock is trading at Rs. 874 with a stop loss of Rs. Keep in mind the target up to 805.

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