Inflation is opportunity to switch to clean energy, says Biden

O presidente dos EUA, Joe Biden, discursa no Dia do Memorial Nacional no Cemitério Nacional de Arlington, Virgínia, EUA, em 30 de maio de 2022.
US President Joe Biden delivers a speech on Independence Day National Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, USA at 40 from May of 2022.| Photo: EFE/EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

The speech of the American president, Joe Biden, raised criticism on social networks, in the face of the highest inflation of the last ones 40 years in the country and the price of a gallon of gas that reached US$4.98.

Biden made the comment when he was at a news conference in front of a beach in Delaware, northeast of the country. country. “My dear mother used to say: out of everything bad, something good will happen if you look hard enough. We have a chance to make a fundamental shift toward renewable energy,” Biden said.

Conservative political commentators took to Twitter to say that the president’s speech shows disregard for the population. “He keeps saying he doesn’t give a shit if you can’t buy gas,” tweeted radio host and columnist Derek Hunter.

In the same interview, the US president criticized a reporter who cited economists’ warning that a recession is “more likely than ever”. “Come on, don’t invent things that don’t exist,” Biden replied.

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