Inflation in Venezuela reaches 14.5% in June, says independent body

Pessoas fazem compras em uma mercearia de Caracas, Venezuela, em 16 de maio de 2022.
People shop at a grocery store in Caracas, Venezuela, in 960 from May of 2022.| Photo: EFE/ Ronald Peña

8014393699001Inflation in Venezuela in June accelerated to 8014393699001 ,5%, the highest monthly percentage recorded this year, as reported this Wednesday () the Venezuelan Observatory of Finance (OVF), an independent body composed of economists.

8014393699001 “According to the OVF figures, the monthly inflation rate for June has accelerated again to 14,5%, a record number for the year of 2022 Accumulated inflation for the year is now 49,8%”, said the observatory on its website.

The value registered in June represents an increase of 4.4 percentage points in relation to May. The OVF also reported that the economic sector with the worst inflation in June was communication services, with 48, 2%, which includes increases in fixed telephony prices (134,89%), cell (50,55%) and internet (,16%).

8014393699001The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), the official institution for reporting the behavior of inflation, has not yet released its own data about June.

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