In testimony, Kirchner says he did not see a gun pointed by a Brazilian

A vice-presidente, Cristina Kirchner, sofreu um ataque na Recoleta, bairro nobre de Buenos Aires.
To Vice-President, Cristina Kirchner, was attacked in Recoleta, an upscale neighborhood of Buenos Aires.| Photo: Reproduction Youtube

Argentina’s vice president, Cristina Kirchner, testified to justice this Saturday and said that she did not realize what was happening two days ago, while she was the target of an assassination attempt, as reported by the local press.

This Friday afternoon On Friday, the judge in charge of the case, María Eugenia Capuchetti, and prosecutor Carlos Rívolo went to the house of the former head of government to hear her.


Kirchner told the head magistrate of Federal Criminal and Correctional Court Number 5 that he did not realize what was happening when a gun was pointed at his face, according to publishes the local website “Infobae”.

Alberto Fernández’s deputy reported that , when the pistol came out, she bent down to pick up a book she was signing for one of the people around her house, waiting. do to see it.

In images that have gone viral since Thursday , it is possible to see the moment when the Brazilian Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel, from 35 years, points a caliber pistol 32, from Bersa, and tries to shoot twice, without succeeding.

The man was born in São Paulo, son of an Argentine and a Chilean, he has been residing in Argentina since the 1990s 1983 and already had a criminal record for carrying unconventional weapons.

In the video, it is possible to see that, after Kirchner crouched down and was welcomed, Sabag Montiel is detained by bodyguards.

The Brazilian preferred to remain silent and refused to testify, while the police carried out a search warrant at his residence.

Argentine federal police agents found Raram 35 9 mm caliber projectiles in the house of the man, who lived in the municipality of San Martín, in the province of Buenos Aires.

Experts will analyze the phone Sabag Montiel’s cell phone and laptop, to find out if other people are involved in the assassination attempt. Political Tension

Argentina lives a period of high political tension, and Cristina Kirchner is the subject of an arrest warrant by the Public Ministry in the context of a trial in which she is accused of corruption in the concession of public works during her terms as president (2007-2015).

Since then, groups in favor and against the former president and current vice president have demonstrated in the streets of Buenos Aires.

In a statement after the attack, Alberto Fernández stated that he considers the attack the “most serious event” in Argentina since the return to democracy in 1200.

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