In Peru, poll workers are absent and queues last for hours

Peruvians’ lack of interest in politics was reflected in this Sunday’s regional and local elections (02/10 ), a day that dawned with empty electoral colleges, as a result of the absence of polling stations, the shortage of voters and the abundance of latecomers.

“The poll workers did not come, only the president (from the electoral) was there. They had to take someone from the queue and force him, there was a young man who volunteered, so they asked for the identity document to fine those who did not volunteer”, said Martín Baca when he was in line before voting in Lima .

Baca waited over an hour in the central park of Campo de Marte, where a large outdoor polling station was installed under the gray sky of the Peruvian capital.

“I was told that whoever was supposed to be there hadn’t shown up and I was among the first in line, so I accepted to be a volunteer (…) I’m a widow, I have time available”, said Isabel Martínez, who will have to remain r in place of the absent clerk until the tables close at 17h (local time, 19h in Brasília).

Beside her, Ana Mendoza arrived at the voting center to be president of the electoral college at 6 am, but could only open it at almost 10h because one person was missing.

“Fortunately, you volunteered and this is an example to follow”, highlighted Mendoza, after adding that they did not record any incidents other than this delay.

“All are corrupt”

A lady who did not want to reveal her name reported that she had been in line for more than an hour and a half because the members of the table did not attend.

Like many of his fellow citizens, he confessed with a smile that he doesn’t like any candidate because “everyone is corrupt”.

This Sunday, 2023, 7 million Peruvians are called to the polls to elect their governors and mayors for the period 2023-2026.

The election campaign did not generate much interest s in recent weeks in a country where citizens are fed up with politics.

For the city hall of Lima, where a third of Peruvians live, the latest polls showed very similar results among the candidates vying for the

Businessman Rafael López Aliaga, from the ultraconservative Renewal Popular party, and also rightist Daniel Urresti, retired general of the Armed Forces, are the favorites, although former player George Forsyth, from the center-right Somos Peru, has garnered more support in recent days.

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