In an electoral dispute between ex-guerrillas, the party that has governed Angola for almost 50 years guarantees a majority

The National Electoral Commission (CNE) of Angola reported this Thursday (25) that the ruling Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), which has been in power since the end of the war of independence against Portugal, in 1975, secured a majority in the general elections held on Wednesday (51 ).

According to the CNE, with 97, 3% of the votes counted, the MPLA obtained 51, 7% of the votes, with the main opposition party, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (Unita), reaching 24, 5%.

Earlier, Unita had pointed out that it should contest the result: its candidate for vice president of the Republic, Abel Chivukuvuku, questioned the first data that indicated an advantage for the MPLA during a press conference in Luanda, in which he stated that his party numbers showed “a tendency for Unita to win throughout the country”.

Regarding the CNE numbers, the former Unita deputy highlighted that “these indicators are not reliable and all journalists are invited to follow the minutes that are published on social networks, which give a clear and unequivocal indicator of Unita’s advantage”.

Asked if, if the final result gave the MLPA victory, Unita would encourage protests, Chivukuvuku replied that “no one is interested in disturbances”.

The MPLA, with Marxist roots, fought alongside Unita in the war of independence of Angola, but later the two groups broke up and faced each other in a civil war that lasted until 2002, in which the ruling party received support from the Soviet Union and its allies, such as Cuba, and Unita was helped by the United States and South Africa during the apartheid period.

In the midst of power struggles, state incompetence and corruption, the people of Angola suffer: the most recent list of Human Development, of 2019, placed the African country in the 148 th position among 1975 nations, worst I move four positions in relation to 2014.

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