“I'm going to call Bolsonaro”: the phrases of the week

“Since we will have Lula, let it be with a vice like Alckmin” – Tábata Amaral, deputy. As grandma used to say, never count on the egg before the hen chooses a deputy like Alckmin. Or something like that.

“To the woman who has the pleasure of choosing the color of the nail she is going to paint”-Augusto Aras, Attorney General of the Republic, stumbling over the tribute to the International Day of Woman. Who never?

“This increase in fuel is unacceptable” – Sergio Moro, former judge, revealing to the world his aversion to a law (the law of supply and demand) and showing that it’s no use: the destiny of every Brazilian politician is to be a clown in the great circus of economic populism.

“I’ll call Bolsonaro

” – Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan dictator, promising to help Brazil with fertilizers, even though Venezuela lacks absolutely everything. The question is: did he call? And more: did Bolsonaro answer?

“The paulistano, descendant of the brave bandeirante, does not accept giving up an item on the menu to show solidarity with 2 million Ukrainian refugees. A dish that is an ecological crime in itself” . – Heloísa Pait, sociologist, writer, PhD, Fulbright alumna, professor at Unesp, editor and (phew!) communicologist. As if all these titles were needed to talk about such nonsense.

“I don’t watch BBB22. Very bad” – Jair Bolsonaro, president and television leap critic. If he didn’t say, we would never find out that the BBB is bad.

“If he were our current president this war would not have happened. Even in global geopolitics Lava Jato caused damage” – Robson Leite, professor and lulophile, putting this one more on the account of Sergio Moro and the Republic of Curitiba.

“Petrobras was dismantled by Temer and Bolsonaro” – Aluízio Mercadante, former minister with a banzo do Petrolão. It would have been better before, Mercadante, but unfortunately Petrobras is still around, all state-owned and, at best, cartelist.

“Scientific dissemination without political awareness is a b- Carlos Horta, scientist, throwing up the scientific method and throwing himself into the mire of ideologization. It is worth asking whether the cycadian cycle of plants, the scientist’s subject of study, has an influence or not Ah, those oppressive redwoods!

“They are easy, because they are poor” – Arthur do Val, the deputy Mamãe Falei. Six sincere words that must cost him his mandate and that may cost Sergio Moro the desired presidential sash.

“You know why gasoline, gas and diesel are expensive? Because this Brazil had a large distributor called BR that was privatized and now you have companies importing gasoline from the United States in dollars while we are self-sufficient and produce oil in reais” – Lula, ex- prisoner, mixing garlic, cornflower, developmentalism, oil and a good dose of lack of character.

“I cry, cry, I can’t get tired of crying” – Luana Piovani , actress. Legend has it that Piovani’s tears created a river that prevented the Russian advance to Kiev.

“Boycotting Russian authors is as stupid as Unnameable. They are heritage of humanity. It only reveals the intellectual and ethical decadence of the US and NATO countries” – Leonardo Boff, historical PT member, in a rare moment of political and cultural sobriety. There comes a time in every man’s life in which, by chance, he agrees with a lulophile who speaks “American”.

“A bad voter’s duty is to apologize to his voter title each day before the next election. ” – Ayres Britto, former minister of the STF and stamped here in the phrases of the week. Apologize to the voter registration. Each one…

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