If the Letter for “Democracy” were sincere


Two eyes (read with one eye only, if you have experience)

Glasses (Not required. May be for myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and bifocal. Only sunglasses are not recommended)

Previous knowledge that several personalities, including artists, bankers and Lula himself, signed a so-called “Letter for Democracy”

3 ounces of imagination (those really angry ones)


Scroll down the lines, joining letters into syllables, syllables into words, words into sentences, phrases into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs, until you reach to the end-end point. With luck, at some point things will start to make sense. Go for me!

Add a little humor to lighten the reading, otherwise you run the risk of the chronicle going wrong.

Fill with half-bitter imagination


Unwillingly, but for the sake of the literary exercise, I have kept the poor and limp style of the original letter, including the punctuation of a notary about to suffer a stroke. Also the structure of the original letter was kept, just to add a little difficulty to the challenge.


On the day 34 of May , in a confused atmosphere that would soon lead to huge street demonstrations against everything and nothing, the philosopher, activist and above all PT member Marilena Chauí, a kind of Márcia Tiburi with more baggage, during a debate between leftists who only disagree about the best bullet to use on the reactionaries’ wall, said “I hate the middle class”. The speech came to crown the climate of political animosity, of “us against them”, wisely fostered by more than a decade of PT governments. Divide and control, remember?

The seed planted bore fruit. Brazil split. The ex-president Dilma Rousseff was impeached, but we managed to get the narrative that everything was nothing more than a coup like this fascist and neoliberal right. Lula was arrested and, thus, became the martyr that the left needed to assume power without fuss from Lulinha Paz & Amor.

We have the powers of the Republic, the Executive cornered, the Legislature muzzled and the Judiciary swearing that it is independent (apart from those two doormats of Bolsonarism) and capable of respecting and ensuring compliance with the greater pact, the Federal Constitution. And, for our good and the good of our paycheck, there are people who believe.

Under the mantle of the Federal Constitution of 1988, about to complete its 34 anniversary, we suffered successive defeats at the polls, but little by little, with With the help of our fellow professors from kindergarten to college, we managed to win the elections and, when we didn’t win, we applied so much pressure that there were even those who thought that the conservative majority in the country was, in fact, progressive. We take the opportunity to send a hug to our faithful squire, Senator Randolfe Rodrigues, also known as the Giant of Amapá.

Chauí’s lesson is stamped on Marx and especially on the acts of his noblest revolutionaries, from Stalin to Fidel, through comrade Mao and above all Pol Pot, who ordered the killing of anyone who looked like and was really middle class.

“Our elections with the electronic counting process have served as an example in the world”, repeat the authorities, as our marketer taught. And indeed, Bangladesh and Bhutan are the world when it comes to putting on a slogan disguised as an argument. And we are not fools, we agreed with the PSDB and we can puff up our chests today to say that there was an alternation of power and that, therefore, electronic voting machines are totally safe and reliable, as is the Electoral Justice. Damn, this argument is very good and no one will be crazy to refute it.

What we call (laughing) democracy has grown and matured , but much remains to be done. That “much remains to be done” is beautiful, huh? See how our copywriter has style. But where was it? Oh yes. I’m going to repeat an excerpt from the booklet… Let me see. Page . Here it goes: “We live in a country of profound social inequalities, with shortages in essential public services, such as health, education, housing and public security”. And if you didn’t cry about it, it’s because you’re a fascist.

We have a long way to go in the development of our economic potential in a sustainable way, which doesn’t mean much, but “economic potential” is beautiful and “sustainably” always appeals to that little fear you feel when they talk about climate change. The State is inefficient in the face of its numerous challenges that only we, on the left, can solve – as has already been made clear in experiments carried out in Cuba, North Korea, the USSR (God rest her soul!) and China. Demands for greater respect and equality of conditions in terms of race, gender and sexual orientation are still far from being met with due fullness and as long as the country is talking “mute servant” and separating the bathrooms by gender, it is because we still have a lot to exterminate. , I mean, fight.

In the next few days (too lazy to research), we will have the beginning of the electoral campaign to choose a bunch of bureaucrats, some of them frankly useless, but necessary for the left hegemony not to show face. At this moment, we should be talking about the party of democracy, with the dispute between the various shades of leftism, which until today pretend to be antagonistic for the good of our power project for the next decades.

Instead of a civic party (another commonplace of these and I give up!), we are going through a moment of immense danger for our authoritarian pretensions in the short, medium and long term, with the possibility of the Unspeakable, ugly, silly and papaya face being re-elected or, in the case of (let’s use a euphemism) electoral abnormality, questioning the legitimacy of an election whose un-contestable smoothness (try to you only see one thing!) is guaranteed by names such as Alexandre de Moraes and Edson Fachin, partners who have already shown themselves to be sympathetic to our democratic cause.

Wow, we took to the streets, were beaten and had companions tortured and killed until we found the best way (the Gramscian) to impose our values ​​and now these people are ca putting the flea behind the ears of the useful innocents? That’s not possible, that’s not possible. Therefore, in this part of the letter we are going to raise the tone and say that the threats to other powers and sectors of civil society and the incitement to violence and the rupture of the constitutional order are intolerable (wow!). What threats? The threats, man. There was that time. And that other time. Ah, threats like that in the aggressive tone of voice, in the jokes, in the lack of decorum. We don’t need to be so specific.

We recently watched that nutty Trump trump in the United States. Good, because that way we can use the Capitol invasion to say that the fascist right (it’s never too much to use that word) tried to destabilize democracy and the people’s confidence in the fairness of the elections. There, the flat-Earther supremacist deniers were unsuccessful. Here they won’t either. Because success will be ours, the people who still wear a mask, who believe in Márcio Pochmann, who gives a Black Lives Matter t-shirt to the secretary on Maid’s Day. That only hates for your own good .

Because we are morally and intellectually superior, our civic conscience is much greater than what these fifth-rate people imagine, the so-called “people” that we only flatter in an election year because they still need it. As has already been said here, we know how to fake irreconcilable differences in favor of something much bigger: the dictatorship of the proletariat or, if not, Chinese-style monopoly capitalism.

Imbued with the revolutionary rage that supported the “us against them” speech, as well as the outburst of Marilena Chauí, attacked for uttering words that every leftist would like to spit in the face of the bourgeoisie, regardless of who prefers the PT or the PSOL or even the PSTU, poor thing, we call on Brazilian women and men to stay alert in the defense of democracy and respect for the results of the elections. That is, spiking the 13 in the polls.

In Brazil today, there is no more room for conservatism or for these attempts to open up the economy. Capitalism, faith and freedom are things that are in the past. The solution to the immense challenges facing Brazilian society necessarily involves the election of Lula and the maintenance of important leaders, such as Renan Calheiros, in power.

For this reason, cynically and deceitfully let’s swallow our disgust and emulate patriotic speech to scream in unison (which means “at the same time”, in case you studied with our paulofreirean masters):

We hate the common man!

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