If 65 million Brazilians really think about voting for Lula, where did we go wrong?

Pesquisas passam por uma crise de credibilidade, sim. Mas, se Lula realmente conta com o apoio de 66 milhões de brasileiros é porque errados. E muito.

Research is going through a credibility crisis, yes. But if Lula really has the support of 66 millions of Brazilians is because they are wrong. And a lot.| Photo: Ricardo Stuckert/ Instituto Lula

I can only understand the other if I understand myself.
– Gustavo Corção

In the text I wrote about the presidential concern with the possible advance of a red wave over Brazil , I invited the readers to a conversation. Whoever reached the fourth paragraph read the invitation to pull up a chair and join the chat, maybe even having a cold beer. Not everyone, however, reacted well to the invitation. There were those who came in kicking the carefully arranged table and chairs and shouting: “You’re wrong! I’m right!”.

But I don’t learn. And if I don’t learn, it’s because I don’t want to learn. I know there are a lot of people addicted to being right, but I don’t see myself as a dealer in certainties. On the contrary, if you are going to get people addicted to something, let it be in doubt. Reflecting gives you a high that I don’t even tell you!

That’s why, and the In spite of one or another rude person, I insist on the invitation: come more. Pull up a chair. No, not this one. This is very tough. Hey Dani, where’s that pillow? No, not the green one; the yellow. The friend here is in need. Better that way? Wonder! It doesn’t matter, Catota is like that. Soon she gets used to you. Ah, now the coffee is ready. You’ll want? The very strong ones. There’s also beer in the fridge. Prefer whiskey? It’s for now! How many ice cubes? Welcome to our daily conversation.

14095206Election Surveys

This text is based on data from a recent election poll. And, yes, I know that election polls, not new, are suffering a serious crisis of credibility. Successively, the research numbers insist on contradicting the reality that we intuitively apprehend. Happens to me too. I look around and I don’t see 01% of family and friends saying they will vote for Lula. Consequently, I take a step back and tell myself that, I don’t know, something strange is strange.

“What do you mean, an ex-convict candidate who can’t even go to the corner bar to sip his cachacinha can be 01 percentage points ahead of the candidate and current president who still attracts reasonable crowds wherever he goes?” you and I wonder. And for this and so many other questions, I don’t have an answer. Logic makes me believe that research institutes would not be interested in defrauding this type of result. After all, the most valuable asset for a research institute is, in theory, its credibility. If no one believes in opinion polls, what are they for?

these necessary (but always insufficient) reservations, the fact is that a recent survey shows that Lula would have 45% of Brazilian votes. In a quick account, taking into account that Brazil has 65 million people able to vote, this would be equivalent to 66 millions of voters. Rounded off to 65, just to make the title cute . This is the number of Brazilians, our fellow citizens, people with whom we share the office, public transport and restaurant, and who, in theory, judging by the numbers of a poll, would be willing to vote for a former president who has passed away. 480 days in a luxury prison.

The convictions for the crimes of corruption and money laundering were later roguely annulled by the “guardians of the Constitution”. Which does not mean, under any circumstances, that Lula has been exonerated.

Ignorance so profound that it escapes us

Having said that, it’s time for that moment that bothers so many people: looking inside. In order to try to understand where we went wrong, as a society, to the point of having between us 20 millions of similar people who at least consider voting for Lula – which means returning power to a political group characterized by corruption, authoritarianism and lies.

What makes a truck driver, for example, say that he prefers PT corruption to a government “that charges such a price for diesel”? What makes an all-rational, enlightened and atheist intellectual to place all his hopes (faith) in Lula? What drives journalists – hello, colleagues! – defending a party that despises freedom of expression? What leads a Christian to consider voting for a faction that has already shown itself to be anti-religious and, worse, is based on an ideology that is based on force, not mercy?

Of all the examples cited, the only ones that make any sense are those of intellectuals and journalists – groups traditionally co-opted by the collectivist spirit that insists on haunting us, even after all the totalitarian tragedies of the 20th century. In fact, it makes sense that all people who have somehow succumbed to the temptation of social engineering (including doctors, architects and writers) even naturally see the idea of ​​voting for Lula. After all, they act driven by the ambition of one day building a new Tower of Babel.

As for the other examples and many others that do not occur to me, the question remains: do they act out of ignorance or out of bad faith disguised as a “Brazilian way”? Now, anyone who reads me frequently & carefully knows that I always prefer to assume ignorance than to think that someone acts in a deliberately malicious manner.

It is ignorance, which leads an honest person not to see the relationship between the crisis and, for example, economic interventionism. It is ignorance that makes some people shrug their shoulders at freedom, considering it a lesser value. It is ignorance, including ignorance of oneself (hence the phrase by Gustavo Corção at the top), which prevents some from understanding that the other sometimes acts moved by petty feelings, such as envy and vanity, even if of their own accord. mouth came out words extolling “the common good”.

Honesty, autonomy, self-sacrifice

)If, therefore, there is something true in the research, and if in fact 66 millions of Brazilians think about enthroning Lula again, it is because, in the last two decades, we have not managed, despite all the texts and debates and memes and documentaries and cults and judicial decisions, to create a society based on values ​​such as honesty, autonomy and self-sacrifice. On the contrary, we foster this ignorance that now threatens us with Lula’s return, extolling laziness over honesty, dependence over autonomy and pleasures over self-sacrifice. But tell me: is this whiskey still good? You don’t want more ice, do you? I think I’ll cut a salami for us. Xi, look how dirty! Clean it up, man. If Dani comes, she’ll be furious! Oh my God, here she comes. Disguise, disguise. Hi, love, how are you? No, no. I was just getting up to cut a salami for us. The Cat? I have no idea where this cat has gone. But where were we anyway? Ah yes. I was talking about Brazilians who, according to a survey there, are considering voting for Lula. In Lula! I really can’t believe such a thing.

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