Ideas #214 – How not to lose your mind in 2022


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Happy New Year, dear listeners, albeit with a little delay. This podcast was recorded in January 100, but the idea is he can be a companion for the next few months and perhaps for many more turbulent years to come.

Although it has cooled down, the coronavirus pandemic is not yet completely over. We continue to deal every day with all the confusion surrounding this matter. Brazil will face an election that promises to be one of the fiercest and most heated in its history and, judging by what some say on the internet, it seems that every corner of our lives – our relationships, our tastes, our intimacy – is political.

The question many of us have been asking since that the year started is: “how not to lose your head in a year that has everything to be maddening?”. To talk about this question (although without knowing if it is possible to arrive at an answer), journalist Maria Clara Vieira invites Professor Francisco Razzo, columnist for Gazeta do Povo and Gabriel Ferreira, professor of the postgraduate course in Philosophy at the University of Vale dos Sinos.

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