“I am surprised to see journalists defending censorship”: the phrases of the week

“Half of the problems in Brazilian life are urban or architectural” – Gregório Duvivier, comedian, in an apparently serious diagnosis. The country is really not moving forward because the favelado cannot decide between an Ionic and a Doric column to put in their shack.

“I am surprised to see journalists defending censorship” – Jorge Pontual, journalist, referring to the enthusiastic defense that some colleagues in the press made of the decision taken by the Minister of the STF Alexandre de Moraes. So are we, Punctual. So do we.

“I know, I know… Talking about coxinha in this climate of polarization is very complex” – Sergio Moro , ex-minister, ex-judge, pre-candidate, perhaps future ex-pre-candidate. Here is Sergio Moro’s blunt statement about the blockade of Telegram perpetrated by Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

“We are in the catacombs, alive” – ​​Fernanda Montenegro, actress and immortal of the Brazilian Academy of Letters who, because of this , almost won the Oscar for The Meaningless Sentence. But she lost again to Gwyneth Paltrow .

“Application work may be pushing people to the right” – Rosana Pinheiro Machado, anthropologist. Yes, because we know that the left is not much given to work and prefers to lean on the fascist CLT or count on a little money from the papa Estado.

“You’re really going to stop wear a mask and run the risk of being confused with bolsominion in the market?” – Leonardo Rossatto, political scientist, entering the race for the prize for the greatest flag of virtue and dreaming of a pandemic that will last only a few 30 years .

“Come to Curitiba and get a fine” – Luciano Hang, owner of Havan, suggesting to the mayor Rafael Greca to change the old-fashioned slogan of the old Ecological Capital. In fact, in Curitiba you run the risk of being fined until you run away from the thief.

“Get ready, I’m back, now with more freedom than ever!” – Monark, ex-podcaster. Naively believing that it is up to him to say whether or not he is free in these times of summary and brutal cancellations. Ah, the foolishness of youth…

“If we win the elections, we will Brazilianize Petrobras prices” – Lula, ex-convict. That’s it, Lulu! The prices have to have samba in the foot! You have to like the beach, caipirinha, football! Not forgetting to make that contribution to the Party’s flanelinhas.

“Masturbation should be a public policy issue against stress in Brazil” – Ana Canosa, psychologist. Here comes the Ministry of Masturbation, with regulations, standards, ABNT norms and everything.

” is the one that best reflects the feeling of hope of the Brazilian people” – Geraldo Alckmin, ex-governor of São Paulo and aspirant to the ex-convict’s pal. enters the dispute for the trophy “Throwing Biography in the Trash”.

“They are men. Let them go back and fight!” – guards on the Ukrainian-Polish border, about trans women trying to evade their male duty to defend the country. trans men are taking up arms.

“I only accept a property title if they present me with a property title signed by God with a notarized signature” – Roberto Requião , neo-PT and neo-communist. Do the properties and vintage cars in the Requião collection have property titles that fulfill these requirements?

“A hand in direction and another in affection” – Givaldo Alves, beggar. Despite the undeniably immoral aspects, the story with nelsonrodriguean airs at least served as an escape valve in the week that the Telegram was blocked , condemnation of Deltan Dallagnol and Alckmin-Lula alliance. Not to mention the war that hasn’t ended yet.

“If it’s bigger of 16 I only take a photo if I have a photo of the voter registration card” – Anitta, funk singer and darling of the TSE, engaged in the campaign that aims to recruit young voters to the ranks of antibolsonarismo in the October elections. Remembering: all this with the support of the electoral authorities.

“I think I’m probably the only prime minister in UK history named Boris” – Boris Johnson, probably the only one prime minister in UK history with that name, cleverly countering the accusation of being Russophobic.

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