Hyundai supplier responsible for child labor at factory

Concessionária Hyundai Motor Company. A Hyundai fabrica veículos na Coreia do Sul e Montgomery, Alabama.
Hyundai Motor Company dealership. Hyundai manufactures vehicles in South Korea and Montgomery, Alabama.| Photo: BigStock

A Hyundai supplier allegedly used child labor to manufacture parts for the Korean automaker’s assembly line near Montgomery, Alabama, United States, from According to local police, the family of three underage workers and eight current and former factory employees.

The Reuters news agency reported that underage workers, in some cases up to 12 years, recently worked at a metal stamping plant operated by Smart Alabama, listed by Hyundai in corporate records as a majority-owned unit. It supplies parts for some of the automaker’s most popular cars and SUVs in Montgomery, the main factory in the United States.22150027 Reuters reported that it learned of the situation at the supplier after the brief disappearance in February of a migrant child from Guatemala who lives in Alabama. The girl and her two brothers 12 and 15 years old, worked at the factory earlier this year and were not going to school, according to news agency sources. The children’s father, Pedro Tzi, confirmed the reports in an interview with Reuters.

)This Friday (), Hyundai declared that “no tolerate illegal employment practices in any entity”. In another statement, Smart said it follows federal, state and local laws and denies “any allegation that it knowingly employed someone who is ineligible for employment.” The company said it relies on temp agencies to fill vacancies and expects “those agencies to follow the law in recruiting, hiring and placing workers on their premises.”

The Enterprise police force, about 1200 kilometers from the factory in Luverne, does not have jurisdiction to investigate possible violations of labor laws at the factory, but has confirmed the facts and forwarded information to the state attorney general.

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