Hunt OTT release date: When and where to watch this Action Thriller starring Sudheer Babu

The Indian film Hunt, starring Mahesh Surapaneni, is a remake of the Malayalam film Mumbai Police (2013), which starred Prithviraj. If you’ve seen the movie from which this one is adapted, you already know how it’s going to turn out. In any case, the movie is an investigation-based drama that reveals its secrets gradually but surely.

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Hunt OTT Release Date

Hunt is all set to hit the OTT space on February 10, 2023, on Amazon Prime Video.

On January 26 of 2023, the movie Hunt was released in theatres in the language Telugu. Presently, audiences can watch the movie at the theatre. Following the launch of the show one month later, Hunt is scheduled to make its debut on a well-known OTT service. It is a combination of an action thriller and a police drama. In the reviews, the investigation-based thriller was described as being unique in comparison to other similar works. Continue reading to learn the specifics of the film’s release via OTT services.

The movie is a suspense thriller about a group of friends who go on a road trip together and end up getting entangled in a murder investigation while they are on their vacation. It is rumored to be a gripping thriller that will hold the attention of the viewers throughout its entirety. because of its captivating narrative and eye-catching images.

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It is anticipated that fans would like Hunt very much. But regrettably, the movie was bombed at the box office and continued to be a catastrophe even after it was released. At box offices all around the world, the movie grossed less than one million dollars.

When and Where to Watch Hunt

You can watch this action thriller on Amazon Prime Video on February 10, 2023.

Amazon Prime Video, a popular over-the-top (OTT) platform, has acquired the rights to stream the digital version of the film Hunt. The announcement has been well received by both audiences and fans. Despite this, neither the founders nor the company that provides digital streaming services has issued an official statement.

Hunt OTT Release Date

Hunt does not squander any time before diving headfirst into the action. It also does not waste time with the normal niceties of a song, battle, punch lines, and other such things, with the exception of an unneeded special number featuring Apsara Rani. And while the fact that this guarantees that the movie will focus on Arjun and the situation he finds himself in for the most part, it is sad that this does not always make for fascinating cinema.

The narrative can be monotonous at times, and although the main character has some emotional upheaval as a result of his memory loss, it is not enough to make you feel anything because he is typically gloomy. The non-linear narrative is another element that some people might find difficult to follow, yet it is essential to the story. There are several red herrings introduced, such as Roy (played by Mime Gopi) and Colonel Vikram Singh (played by Kabir Duhan Singh), but they don’t really engage the audience too much.

What’s the story of Hunt

Friends for life, ACP Arjun (Sudheer Babu), Commissioner of Police Mohan Bhargav (Srikanth), and ACP Aryan Dev (Bharath) are always there for one other and look out for each other’s best interests. They spend their mornings tracking down petty goons and their evenings hoisting a glass or two and have been dubbed the “Mumbai trio” by the press due to their previous service in the counter-terrorism squad in Mumbai. Arjun suffers a traumatic brain injury as a result of an accident. Unfortuitously, more than just his employment is on the line because he is in possession of the key to unraveling a mystery that is significant to the group of friends. Arjun could wind up finding an answer that he doesn’t agree with as he methodically works backward through his life, tracing the significant occasions one by one.

Cast & Crew of Hunt

In the movie, Mahesh directed, Sudheer Babu portrays a fearsome officer, and Mahesh is the director. Hunt is supported by V Ananda Prasad of Bhavya Creations and contains a star ensemble that consists of Kabir Duhan Singh, Mime Gopi, and other actors amongst others. Arul Vincent was in charge of the camerawork, and Ghibran was the one who composed and performed the score.

Not only is he very good at acting, but he is also quite good at badminton. He has been in a number of Telugu films up to this point, which has contributed to his rise to fame. The actor Sudheer showed a lot of guts by taking on the role of the Assistant Chief Minister in the Malayalam version!

Ability, talent, and hard work are three things that don’t always have to be mutually exclusive; Bharath demonstrates that this isn’t always the case. Throughout the course of his acting career, he has made appearances in films that were produced in a variety of Indian languages, including Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu. It’s possible that this is why he was chosen for the lead role in HUNT; after all, it is one of the reasons why.

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Although you may be familiar with Meka in his role as a supporting actor, his importance to the history of Telugu cinema cannot be matched by anything or anyone else. He has finished a long journey with a number of South Indian celebrities such as Mahesh Babu, Alu Arjun, and many others.

The remainder of the ensemble does their best with the material they have been given, but Abhijeeth Poondla is handed a character that is formulaic. Aside from Arun Vincent’s cinematography, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about the background score composed by Ghibran.

Hunt is the kind of investigative thriller that does not rely on the typical shenanigans to keep the audience interested. This is great if you’re searching for something a little bit different from the standard stuff that’s offered.

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