Humanitarian emergency still a reality in Venezuela, says NGO

The Venezuelan NGO A World Without Gags stated this Thursday (02) that, despite the “slight” economic improvement, the “humanitarian emergency suffered by the country since 2017 continues”. According to the organization, in 2021, the Covid pandemic 19 had an impact on the “increase in pre-existing needs and needs of the population”.

In the presentation of the report “Venezuela in numbers”, lawyer Diego Ponce de León, a member of the NGO’s legal team, stated that “the complex humanitarian emergency continues in Venezuela”, as well as the “systematic, widespread and ongoing violations of human rights”, mainly “to life, livelihood, civil, political and migratory rights”.

He also pointed out that last year, 85% of hospital centers did not have cleaning material, biosafety equipment to protect patients, doctors and health professionals against Covid-19, or a supply of drinking water.

Regarding the services, the Caracas councilor and member of the Social Humanitarian Observatory Ángel Subero Vásquez said that during the year of 2021 , there was a lack of continuous access to water, increase in poor distribution of gasoline, poor internet connection due to “inadequate infrastructure”, more than 200 thousand electrical failures and little access to domestic gas.

It also indicated that so far in 2022, 82% of the population reported power outages, 89% has a problem with the quality and supply of water and 93% says they have a problem with the fuel supply.

The NGO highlighted that failures in electricity and internet services were the main factors that complicated virtual education, implemented by the pandemic.

He explained that six out of ten people do not have a cell phone and, in addition, the connection with the internet of 83% of teachers and students was between regular and bad.

On the other hand, economist Litsay Guerrero assured that, despite the fall in prices in 2021, the “inflation problem has not been resolved”.

“The expectation is that, in 2022, inflation remains high. Some estimates put it around 200% and other international organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) say we can close with an index around 500%”, he said.

She added that inequality in the country “continues” and that many people do not have access to the benefits that have brought the economic growth registered since 2021.

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