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How will the left survive without Bolsonaro to blame?


Today, after sleeping the heavy sleep of a clear conscience, I opened my rheumy eyes and, for a few seconds, considered the possibility that Lula’s victory for a third term was just a nightmare. Was not. Lula, the jararaca, really won. And, for the next few days, we will have to swallow our pride and contemplate the totally shameless joy that the left, poor thing, confuses with happiness.

As always, this joy based on irrationality will eventually pass. And it will bring with it a huge hangover from which, unfortunately, we will all suffer. After all, the idea of ​​a paradise on Earth goes against the most elementary of logics. And this is precisely what explains the election of an ex-convict to lead a country of 200 millions of inhabitants: the belief that a “noble savage” will be able to transform Brazil into a paradise.

This illusion of the left, whose moral foundations are even more fragile than our late Constitution, will begin to crumble as soon as PT members of all stripes realize that they no longer have a scapegoat in the Palácio do Highland. Because that was the role of Jair Bolsonaro in the last four years. For the left, all the ills of collective or individual life had a culprit: Bolsonaro.

Just imagine when the first statistics on the death of LGTVs come out. Or the first data on deforestation in the Amazon. Or the first projections of hyperinflation. Or the rates of violence, including femicide, black genocide and even fat murder. More: imagine if Alexandre de Moraes, Geraldo Alckmin’s sidekick, really liked this thing of ordering and dismantling and refusing to suffice with the stick for his little friend?

Assuming that the data are made up and If the authoritarian impetus of the STF ministers is not fleeting (it is not), the leftist will not be able to ignore the reality that surrounds him: the neighbor killed because the pivete just wanted to drink a beer, the “smoke of the Amazon covering the sun in São Paulo”. Paulo”, Nutella costing a minimum wage, the Supreme Minister deciding something against the Party booklet just to show that he can, the line of beggars to receive a plate of food from the “Christian fascists”. Etc.

Hardly the leftist will be able to look at you. Because at the heart of the left is the idea that all the problems in the world are someone else’s fault. From the mother or father, from the boss, from the guard, from the “American empire” – I don’t know. And, in the last four years, the Brazilian leftist (Sinistrus brasiliensis) got used to having on the tip of his tongue a single culprit for all the ailments of society and even of the soul: Bolsonaro. .

Nor will the leftist point the finger at the hoarse-voiced, ethyl-breathed “noble savage” that he helped to enthron for the third time. First, because he lacks the courage to go against tchurma. Then, because it takes a minimum of intelligence even to recognize stupidity.

Anyway, on a daily basis, the leftist who today tattoos the PT star in hidden parts of the anatomy, who walks all over pride out there, with the ugly face of the “noble savage” stamped on the t-shirt (100% organic cotton by MST), and even with cramps in the thumb and index finger from doing the “L” so much. ”, he will have to find someone else to blame for the anguish of living in a less-than-perfect country and for the restlessness of realizing, deep down in his soul that he denies having, that the brave new world is not at all admirable.

How will the leftist survive this challenge that, much more than political, has a metaphysical touch? It is possible that some insist on pointing the finger at Bolsonaro, now renamed “Bolsonaro’s fascist heritage”. But I believe that the problem is deeper and, therefore, the leftist will survive the new reality based on the placebos preferred by progressives: hedonism. That, hand in hand with cynicism and nihilism, tries-because-trying to marry that unhappiness poorly disguised as pleasure, joy and above all pride.

This column goes on vacation and back day 16 of November. Until then and… behave in my absence, eh?!

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