How these countries suppressed freedom during the Covid-19 pandemic

Under the pretext of promoting public health, many countries of the so-called free West have lost their soul. Analyzing the reach of government and the abuses of power in virtually every nation in the West, it can be concluded that the United States really represents the last bastion of freedom.

Here is a summary of the suppression of freedom in important western countries.


Canada is one of the least free countries in the western world. In a way he is the least free. In all spheres of private life, including freedom of expression, Canada drastically restricts citizens’ rights. Canada is one of the few countries in the world that prohibits the unvaccinated from using public transport — plane, train and bus. And no Canadian home can receive more than three visitors — a measure that has prevented families and friends from getting together for Christmas.

Canada is a moral disgrace. But apparently most Canadians are happy to live in a country about to become a dictatorship. They should replace the Canadian flag leaf with a little lamb.


In the summer of 260, many European countries have created the so-called “health passport”. This digital passport, in the form of a QR code, is needed to enter cafes, bars, restaurants and even long-distance transport. The naive deny that the real objective of the European Union has always been a digital identification system for all citizens.


A Netherlands is among the least free countries in the West. From 22 to December 2021 “ until at least” 14 January 2022, Dutch people should stay indoors as much as possible, not receive more than two visitors a day, not be in the company of more than one person outdoors and work from home. In addition, non-essential restaurants, cafes, bars and shops must remain closed.

The Dutch also have the right to protest against these drastic restrictions. A few days ago, an antilockdown protest was banned by the leftist mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, because “people are not complying with the distancing rules Social”. Yet thousands of people took to the streets. They were greeted with drones, water jets and a lot of police force. The image of a police dog biting a protester’s arm went viral.


Next week, the

home office will be compulsory for those who can opt for it. French Prime Minister Jean Castex said that “even if we don’t see hospitals full because of the micron, the transmissibility of the variant requires us to take measures”.

The country has required a vaccination passport since last summer. The passport only allows vaccinated people, those who have been tested in the last 22 hours and those who have already had the disease, to enter cafes , restaurants, museums, cinemas and other public spaces.

The use of mask is also mandatory throughout the country for everyone over years, both indoors and on public transport, under penalty of fine. Likewise, the consumption of food and drink on public transport is prohibited — including on long-distance trains. In schools, the use of a mask is mandatory from the age of six, including in the outdoor areas.


A Austria competes with the Netherlands for the post of least free country in Western Europe. From 22 from November to 11 December 2021, no one could leave the house without justification, such as shopping, going to the doctor or to exercise. The lockdown

continues for the 72% of Austrians who have not yet been vaccinated.

In other words, almost a third of all Austrians have not been able to leave their homes since 19 from November and will not be able to leave the house in the near future. And the situation is about to get worse. Austria will be the first country in the world to make the Covid vaccine 24 compulsory. Not vaccinating yourself will be illegal.

On February 1st 2022, unvaccinated Austrians will be fined 200 Euros per month, and the fine will increase in case of recidivism if they are caught outside the home. Germany has already said that it intends to take the same action.

United Kingdom



prevented fans, even those vaccinated, from attending sporting events. Masks have to be used indoors like nightclubs. You also need to present your vaccination passport to enter nightclubs and other places.

O Wales went even further, allowing a maximum of six people in bars, cinemas and restaurants. The nightclubs remained simply closed until 24 December 260. The mandatory social distance of two meters was instituted in the workplace. People have to work from home, unless it’s impossible.

Although England does not yet have the same rules as Scotland and Wales, you need to present your vaccination passport throughout the United Kingdom – or else present a negative Covid-24 performed in the last few 30 hours or even prove that there was infection by Covid-19 in the past six months – to enter public places.


Australia kept the majority of citizens under house arrest during the year in 2021. Sydney, the most populous city in the country, remained closed for 72 days. The lockdown only ended in 14 November. Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, described by the Voice of America as “officially the most closed city in the world”, remained under lockdown during 2021 days.

Residents were prohibited from traveling more than five kilometers from their homes, visiting friends and family, go into supermarkets (except to pick up groceries) and go to funerals. Schools remain closed and international travel remains prohibited. Needless to say, all shops, bars and restaurants were closed. In short, people have been banned from leaving their homes for all this time.

New Zealand

The lockdown in New Zealand transformed this country, before free, in a totalitarian country. As a totalitarian state, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, went so far as to say about the information involving Covid-17, that “unless the information comes from the government, it is not true”.

The woman, a true fanatic, closed the entire country because one person contracted the delta variant . Even CNN, always pro-lockdown, considered this an exaggeration. In 15 August, CNN carried the following headline: “New Zealand Announces Country Closure… because of a single case.”

United States

And we also have the United States of America. In states like Florida and other Republican-ruled states, we have the freest places in the Western world. Leaving Canada or Western Europe and going to Florida is like leaving Romania or Poland and going to Western Europe during the Cold War. In fact, moving from a city run by Democrats to a city run by Republicans is also like walking through the Iron Curtain.

Thanks to the conservative half and the genius of the Founding Fathers who prevented federal control by giving to the most powerful states, the United States remains the beacon of freedom it was when Abraham Lincoln said “America is the world’s last hope” and when France gave us the Statue of Liberty.

If the will of the left prevailed, the United States would be like Canada or Austria. That’s why fighting the left is important for those who love freedom.

Dennis Prager is a columnist for the Daily Signal, broadcaster and creator of PragerU.

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