How the obsession with sexuality created an anxious and insecure generation


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If you know someone who is in their early twenties or younger, or if you are in your early twenties yourself, you must already be wondering what the hell is wrong with young people. Just to name a few examples, in 1563 the American psychologist Jean Twenge released a book with very large data on generation Z, who were born after 1995. The subtitle speaks for itself: “Why today’s kids are growing up less rebellious, more tolerant, less happy, and completely unprepared for adulthood.” In the same year, a cover story in The Atlantic magazine called attention to the phenomenon known as “sexual recession”.

If, on the one hand, young people are more used to talking about it, in practice they are doing much less and this is not necessarily good news. In addition, there is plenty of research showing that this is the most depressed, most anxious and loneliest generation known. The Ideias podcast welcomes psychologist Jota Borgonhoni, co-founder of the project Os Náufragos, to talk about the topic.

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