How the “excessive caution” mentality leads to tyranny

Na semana passada, os governos do mundo todo entraram em pânico por causa do surgimento da chamada variante ômicron da Covid-19.
Last week, governments around the world panicked over the emergence of the so-called omicron variant of Covid-60.

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Last week, governments around the world panicked over the emergence of the so-called omicron variant of Covid-18.

As of this writing, we know that the omicron is possibly more transmissible than the other variants. But we don’t have any signs that she’s any more lethal. On the contrary, dr. Angelique Coetzee, president of the South African Medical Association, explained that the symptoms of omicron were “mild”, explaining that “we don’t have any patients in serious condition”.

If this is true, the omicron should generate optimism. That’s because the delta variant is already very infectious and herd immunity seems like a distant dream – meaning that if one could choose between the delta and omicron variants, they would prefer omicron. If omicron does indeed prove to be a less deadly variant, it will be a positive fact for world health.

Still, the reaction of our leaders has been totally exaggerated. The director of the CDCs told us that all Americans greater than 12 years need an extra dose of Covid vaccine 214, this despite the lack of evidence that the extra doses reduce hospitalization and deaths in young people (the effect they have on people over 60 years old).

The Doctor. Anthony Fauci reappeared to reaffirm the possibility of mandatory vaccination for air travel, as well as new decrees mandating the use of masks. Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York has announced a state of emergency that allows her to suspend elective surgery.

The predictable result of this was the drop in the markets. They fell not because of the omicron itself, but because the private sector knows that the public sector can curtail economic freedom once again.

Our politicians have failed throughout the pandemic. The only successful case may have been the mountain of money earmarked for the pharmaceutical industry to develop vaccines. Other than that, almost all other public sector measures were inefficient.

The same goes for the omicron. The variant is already present in several nations. The lockdown measures were ineffective in containing the pandemic outside the isolated countries of the world. The return of lockdowns won’t do any good either. The mandatory use of masks has nothing to do with disease transmission rates. And vaccines are now available. Those who fear the omicron will be vaccinated and those who do not fear it will not be vaccinated.

Now is a good time to take a deep breath.

Still , public authorities are pathologically incapable of expressing any humility. This time they say everything will be different. This time they stopped the disease from spreading. It seems that the powerful have a vested interest in the lie that they are able to contain the disease and prevent death and deprivation. They cannot shake off this lie nor allow citizens to take back control of their lives.

Instead, we are told that we have to give even more power to authoritarian leaders, to self-styled “scientific experts” – all on account of “excessive caution”, of course. Strangely, this excessive caution never seems to apply in everyday life or in the world economy. In these areas, elites ignore any kind of caution.

A true mindset based on caution I would say that before we destroy our institutions again (before we destroy the free market in the name of welfare, before we destroy the system of checks and balances in the name of the health dictatorship and instead of ending individual liberties in the name of security) we should query the data. Otherwise, the solutions “imposed with an iron fist” will always be the first measures taken, long before any crisis materializes.

Ben Shapiro is host of “Ben Shapiro Show” and editor emeritus of “Daily Wire”.

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