Hit 2 Movie OTT release date: When and where to watch Adivi Sesh starrer nail-biting thriller

Hit 2 Movie OTT Release Date

Because Adivi Sesh had already committed to working on the film “Major,” which had a substantial budget and was distributed in a number of languages, the release of the film “HIT 2” was pushed back. Shortly after the release of “Major” in a number of languages, the promotions for the HIT 2 movie began, announcing that the date of its theatrical release will be December 2, 2022. The movie has been well welcomed right from the first day it was released, and it has been successful in earning money at the Telugu box office.

Hit 2 movie had many surprises that were unannounced before the release, except for the fact that this movie franchise will have all the actors from different parts appearing in one last movie in the franchise.

The most recent information indicates that the film Hit2 will have its world premiere on the over-the-top (OTT) platform Amazon Prime Video beginning on January 6, 2023. If you are a die-hard fan of thriller movies, then you should check into the Amazon Prime Video OTT platform on January 6, 2023 to watch this extremely successful Thriller drama movie.

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When and Where to Watch Hit 2 Movie

HIT 2 movie advertising kicked begun soon after the release of “Major” in multiple languages, indicating that the film’s theatrical release date would be December 2, 2022.

As of right now, it looks like Amazon Prime Video will be the first to show the sequel to Hit2 when it debuts on OTT services on January 6, 2023. If you’re a true fan of the genre, you should log in to the Amazon Prime Video OTT platform on January 6, 2023 to view this highly successful Thriller drama film.

What’s the story of Hit 2

Krishna Dev, sometimes known as KD, is a laid-back cop who works in AP HIT. He is tasked with investigating a horrific murder case. A dismembered body is presented in a macabre fashion, and the perpetrator of the crime has even left behind some cryptic clues. As KD peels back the layers of the crime, the stakes become unfathomably high, and the danger draws uncomfortably near.

A member of the Homicide Intervention Team (HIT), Krishna Dev, also known as Adivi Sesh, is a Special Police Officer in the city of Visakhapatnam. The only killings that need to be solved by him are those that were caused by arguments within the family. Because of this, KD refers to the criminals who don’t present him with even the slightest intellectual challenge as “kodi burralu,” which is a name he coined himself. When he gets home, he spends his time with his adorably cute puppy Max, as well as his girlfriend, Aarya, who owns a boutique and is played by Meenakshi Chaudhary. Things quickly turn around, and KD is compelled to pay attention to what’s going on around him. A young woman is brutally dismembered, and her body is exhibited in a macabre manner. In order for him to get to the bottom of it, he needs to decipher a number of hints and red herrings.

Cast & Crew of Hit 2

In the movie “Hit 2,” Adivi Sesh plays the character of the protagonist. In this movie, Meenakshi Chaudhary portrayed the role of the main female character. Other notable roles in the film were played by Rao Ramesh, Suhas, Tanikella Bharani, Posani Krishna Murali, Komalee Prasad, Srinath Maganti, and Srikanth Iyengar, all of whom were members of the cast of Hit 2 and appeared in the film.

Dr. Sailesh Kolanu is in charge of directing the film Hit 2. Prashanti Tripirineni is the film’s producer, and actor Nani is serving as the film’s presenter. This film’s score was written by a number of different music directors, including MM Sreelekha and John Stewart Eduri, among others. Both S Manikandan and Garry BH, who is in charge of editing, are responsible for the film’s cinematography.

Hit 2 Movie OTT release date


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The issue with HIT: The Second Case is not just how the case plays out, but also the fact that by the time it’s revealed who the lead for HIT: The Third Case will be, you can’t help but feel that this film serves more as a liaison between the first and third films in the series. This is not the only problem with HIT: The Second Case, however; the case itself is not the only problem with HIT: The Second Case. The revelation of the subsequent hero is accompanied by a significant amount of “anna nu thop” energy. Observing it is a pretty enjoyable experience. It is also wonderful to see that certain important details concerning Vikram Rudraraju have been disclosed. It causes you to ponder the frequency of your future encounters with him. It is decided to bring back several important characters from the first instalment in order to clarify some events. In addition to that, there is a subplot concerning random killings that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. At the end of it all, one thought that will inevitably cross your mind is whether or not Aarya’s existence was absolutely necessary.

The game of KD is one that Adivi Sesh is pretty skilled at. It is natural for him to use sarcasm and come up with funny one-liners. In contrast to Vikram, who brought nothing but a frenetic energy to the table, KD is completely composed and collected. However, he makes effective use of the material provided to him, particularly in the second hour. Meenakshi is doing fine in her duty, which varies in duration depending on the circumstances. In addition to Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani, and the other people mentioned, Srinath and Komalee do a fantastic job. Geeta Bhascker possesses a dry wit that will make you laugh out loud. The music composed by MM Srilekha and Suresh Bobbili is enjoyable, however the score composed by John Stewart Eduri is hit or miss. Both Garry BH and Manikandan do an excellent job with the editing, and Manikandan also does a wonderful job with the cinematography.


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