Hidimba OTT release date: When and where to watch this action thriller starring Ashwin Babu, Nandita Swetha

The Telugu film industry was first introduced to the young hero Ashwin Babu when he was presented as the brother of the well-known anchor Omkar. In the movie Genius, which Omkar directed, he made his debut as a secondary hero. This was the beginning of his acting career. He appeared in front of the crowd with a brand new movie that was just recently launched and was titled Hidimbha. The most up-to-date information suggests that the movie will be available to stream on OTT platforms starting this coming week.

Hidimba OTT Release Date

Hidimba is all set to be premiered on 10 August 2023 on Aha Video.

Vikas Badisa’s soundtrack for the background music adds a hint of mystery to the scene. B. Rajasekhar is responsible for the excellent cinematography in this film. Because of the striking graphics, each of the flashback scenes, as well as the action sequence involving Khalabanda, appear to have been shot professionally.

The editing quality in the first half is subpar, but it improves significantly in the second half. The production values are just outstanding. When it comes to directing, Aneel Kanneganti did an acceptable job with the narration of the film. In spite of the limitations imposed by the budget, the director should be commended for producing a work that is excellent in terms of its technical quality.

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The latest public news about the release of Hidimbha OTT came from the Aha Video. The Telugu-only OTT app Aha will start streaming Hidimbha on August 10 at 7 p.m. “Hidimba is about to go on a hunt. Aha revealed the movie’s OTT release date and time, saying, “Get ready for a scary blockbuster.”

When and Where to Watch Hidimba

You can watch this action thriller on Aha Video from 10 August 2023.

According to Hidimbha, Aneel Kanneganti is capable of working miracles if he is provided with a larger budget. The premise of the movie is incredibly intriguing, but the first hour and a half is taken up by mundane investigation sequences, so it feels like it takes forever to get to the meat of the story.

If the first half of Hidimbha had been more thrilling, the movie may have been a great thriller. Additionally, the film leaves many questions unanswered due to a lack of clarification regarding a few areas, which forces the viewer to make assumptions about several topics.

There are additional concerns of a logical kind to take into account. Ashwin Babu was selected for a position as a police officer despite the fact that he cannot distinguish between colours.

In the beginning, there is also some discussion about a criminal organisation that deals in organs. This distraction, on the other hand, serves no purpose. Since films like as “Anasuya” by Ravi Babu have already utilised scenes of females wearing red dresses being slain, there is no sense of freshness to be found here.

What’s the story of Hidimba

In the city of Hyderabad, several different ladies have been reported missing. The investigation turns out to be a significant burden for the police department. The task of apprehending the perpetrator has been delegated to the special officer Aadya (played by Nandita Sweta), and ACP Abhay (played by Ashwin Babu) has also been added to the investigative team.

What became of the ladies who have gone missing? Why is the criminal just aiming to victimise females? The central question of the tale is: Were Aadya and Abhay successful in solving the mystery of the kidnapping?

Cast & Crew of Hidimba

Ashwin Babu and Raghu Kunche both played satyrs and ogres in Aneel Kannaganti’s play Hidimba. It was made by more than just Svk Cinemas and Gangapatnam Sridhar. The film’s music was made by Vikas Badisa, and B. Rajasekhar was the one who shot it.

Hidimba OTT Release Date

In the first half of the movie, there is almost no indication of what the main plot is going to be about. It’s a standard investigative thriller with a few twists and turns here and there. In point of fact, we get the sensation that the love story involving the main characters is dragging on for too long.

Even though the love story between the hero and heroine is only a short one, it nonetheless interferes with the natural progression of the plot and the inquiry. The already plodding narrative moves at an even more snail’s-pace pace.

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There are a few unexpected turns and twists, but they don’t really contribute that much to the tale. There were two aspects of the movie that were executed really well: the flashback episode concerning the Hidimbha clan and their role in the missing cases/murders, and the twist regarding who the real villain was.

The filmmaker did not make the most of these great aspects, despite having strong assistance from the production and technical teams. The storyline does not seem to fit the thriller genre at all.

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