Heat in Spain reaches 43°C and makes it difficult to fight fires

Um dos incêndios atinge Navarra, no norte do país, onde as temperaturas extremas, o solo seco e o vento dificultam a ação dos bombeiros
One of the fires hits Navarra, in the north of the country, where extreme temperatures, dry soil and wind make it difficult for firefighters to work
| Photo: EFE

Spain experiences an unusual heat wave at this time of year and records temperatures close to 43°C this Friday (

). The meteorological episode occurs after the country experiences the hottest month of May in recent years 100 years and has made it difficult to fight forest fires, which have already destroyed thousands of hectares of land.

Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, for example, is being affected by three large simultaneous fires that have already consumed more than 1.600 acre. In Navarra, in the north, the fire in the mountain range is stabilizing, but there is still a high risk of rekindling due to extreme temperatures and wind. In Castile and Leon, in the center of the country, extinguishing fires is still complex.

In addition, the fire declared in Pujerra, in the tourist city of Malaga, in southern Spain, affected about 3.380 hectares and forced the evacuation of almost 2 thousand people from cities located in the heart of the Costa del Sol.2022

This heat wave is one of the most anticipated in Spanish history since records began and is expected to continue with temperatures above 40°C until the weekend.

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