Heart of D. Pedro I is exposed for the first time in Portugal and arrives in Brazil on Monday

Coração de D. Pedro I é exposto pela primeira vez em Portugal e chega segunda-feira ao Brasil
| Photo: Estela Silva/EFE


Thousands of Portuguese living in the city of Porto visited this Saturday (), the unprecedented exhibition of the heart of D. Pedro I. It is the first time that the population can see the relic, exposed in the main hall of the Church of Lapa. The Irmandade da Lapa is the religious entity responsible for guarding the organ.

According to information from the Porto City Council, in just the first eight hours, the exhibition attracted around three thousand visitors. A long line formed outside the church throughout the day.

The exhibition ends this Sunday (21), when the heart of D. Pedro I will go to Brazil, in a Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane. The agency arrives in Brazil on Monday (22) and remains until September for the celebrations of the bicentennial of Independence.

Relic kept under lock and key

The heart of D. Pedro I has been preserved for 187 years ago. The organ is kept in a glass vase with formaldehyde, in an urn locked by five keys inside a safe in the Irmandade da Lapa, in the Portuguese city of Porto.


When it arrives back in Portugal, on the 9th of September, it will remain on display for two more days. Afterwards, it will be stored in the safe again.

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