Head Bush Movie OTT release date: When and where to watch Dhananjaya starrer biographical crime drama

Head Bush Movie OTT Release Date

Dhananjaya was last seen in the movie ‘Mansoon Raaga’, which is an official remake of Telugu super hit movie ‘C/o Kancherapalem’. He also appeared in the movie ‘Bairagae’ along side Shiva Rajkumar and another movie titled ‘Totapuri: Chapter 1’ that released in the year 2022. He was then seen in the movie Head Bush, that also released at the end of the year.

After almost 3 months of gap, Dhananjaya made his appearance in lead role with his movie ‘Head Bush’ that released in theatres on October 21, 2022. Movie received very positive response from very first day of it’s release. This positive response kept increasing day by day and movie had a good run in theatres.

Finally makers have announced the OTT release date of this movie and ‘Head Bush’ movie will have a digital premiere on January 13, 2023. As per the latest information available, this movie is all set to have a digital premiere on the one of the world’s biggest OTT platform ‘Zee5’. If you have a Zee5 subscription, then you can stream this movie on this app from January 13, 2023.

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When and Where to Watch Head Bush

Dhananjaya finally returned to the spotlight on October 21, 2022, when his film “Head Bush” was released in theatres, after a nearly three-month hiatus. The movie was well-received from the minute it hit theatres. The film received increasingly enthusiastic reviews as its run progressed.

January 13, 2023 is the debut date for the digital premiere of “Head Bush” on OTT and that has finally been revealed by the film’s creators. According to the most up-to-date reports, this film will debut online via one of the largest over-the-top (OTT) platforms in the world, Zee5. Starting on January 13, 2023, users with a Zee5 subscription will be able to stream the film directly from this app.

What’s the story of Head Bush

Angry young man Jayaraj (Dhananjaya) has violence ingrained in his blood. Ganga (Yogesh), Samson (Balu Nagendra), and other members of Jayaraj’s group are often seen gambling and getting into small fights around town. When politician MDN (Raghu Mukherjee) asks Jayaraj to lead Indira Brigade, the relationship between the members of the gang changes. This leads to a personal rivalry between them.

Jayaraj and his friends are often seen gambling and playing Head Bush in nightclubs. Many people want to be as close to him as chief minister Devraj Urs (Devraj). MDN, a local MLC and Urs’s son-in-law, sees the ambitious Jayaraj at a Karaga event and asks him to lead the Bengaluru Indira Brigade, which was made to protect the reputation of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Jayaraj takes over Bengaluru because politicians are giving him a lot of money and the police have been told to keep quiet. To do the same, he goes all over the city to get to know other gangsters, some willingly and some not. But a small problem leads to fighting within the gang, which costs Jayaraj, Urs, Bengaluru, and its people a lot of money.

India was slowly changing 20 years after it got its independence. The 1970s were a very important time. Just like other cities, Bengaluru was slowly getting better at a lot of things. It didn’t grow as quickly as Mumbai or have a strong government like Delhi. The city had both good and bad things about it. Even though Devraj Urs was a respected politician, his Gandhian beliefs and political philosophy gave him enemies within the party. After Urs, MDN tries to get PM Indira Gandhi’s attention through Indira Brigade because they want the CM’s job. He tells the members of the Brigade to “steal from the rich and give to the poor.” This starts a bad chain of events that leads to Indira Brigade becoming a group of thieves and troublemakers that gets out of hand. This is the centre of the story of Head Bush.

Cast & Crew of Head Bush

The lead role in the movie “Head Bush” was played by Dhananjaya. Other important roles were played by Payal Rajput, V. Ravichandran, Vasishta N. Simha, Sruthi Hariharan, Sandy Master, Raghu Mukherjee, Balu Nagendra, and Yogesh.

“Head Bush” is directed by Shoonya and made by Daali Dhananjaya, Ramco Somanna on Somanna Talkies banner in association with Daali Pictures. Charan Raj composed the music for this movie, and Sunoj Velayudhan was in charge of the cinematography. Joseph K. Raja is in charge of editing this movie.

Head Bush Movie OTT release date

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One of the worst things about Head Bush is that it fails in its attempts to make money off of a “realistic story.” The movie doesn’t show itself to be either a good, realistic drama or a great commercial movie. Stuck in the middle, it doesn’t do either well.

Head Bush gets both good and bad things from Dhananjaya. He has made the most of his commercial star power and come out on top. But when he tries to be a hero, it stops other characters who are just as strong from showing what they can do. Yogi does get people’s attention, but only to a certain extent. Balu Nagendra is full of fun things to do. Payal’s first Kannada song is a big surprise because she gets everything right. Since this is only Head Bush Volume -1, Vasishta Simha’s role as Kothwal Ramachandra is very small. In the next movie, there may be more of the actor. Other actors don’t add much to the story, other than keeping quiet as crowds behind Dhananjaya and sometimes stepping up. Raghu Mukherjee and Sruti Hariharan play important roles, but they only have a small amount of screen time, which they make the most of.

Shoonya doesn’t bring anything new to the table, and as a new artist, she’s a letdown. The best thing about Head Bush is the music by Charan Raj. The movie has a lot of violence and bad language, which not everyone will like. Head Bush has what you want if you like commercial movies, as long as you can make it through the slow first half.


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