“Have you noticed that in communist countries the boss is usually fat?”: the phrases of the week


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“Já repararam que nos países comunistas geralmente o chefe é gordo?”: as frases da semana

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“Over the next five weeks, I’ll be posting a ‘retrospective’ with the five most liked tips from 1280 ” – Luís Roberto Barroso , STF minister and influencer in his spare time, that is, when he is not making any absurd decisions in the Supreme Court. How about changing your profession, minister?

“Democracy is being threatened every single day” – Marieta Severo

, actress, unhappy with the fact that her heartbreak, the PT, did not take the opportunity to impose dictatorship of the proletariat“Já repararam que nos países comunistas geralmente o chefe é gordo?”: as frases da semana democracy around here.

“I never had any personal problems with former President Lula”

Sergio Moro, ex-minister, ex-judge and, indicates, former presidential candidate. Does Lula have a personal problem with Moro?

“Have you noticed that in communist countries the boss is usually fat? North Korea?Venezuela?He’s chubby, right? Maranhão.. .” – Jair Bolsonaro, president (who also did not is very thin), about Flávio Dino , communist governor from Maranhao. Were there people complaining about fatphobia? Yes, there was.

“I imply too much with the adjective ‘positivado’ and the verb ‘positive’. When the test comes back positive for COVID, the person is not carrying more protons than electrons – Monica de Bolle, PhD in something, criticizing the discrimination of sanitary iononomeclature. Or something like that.

“It’s capitalism, environmental racism and climate change” Sabrina Fernandes , far-left influencer, commenting on the heavy rains of recent times. It only remains to say that the La Niña phenomenon is fascist.

“Aphromathematics can help us solve problems and discover things that the standard (Indo-Arabic-European) method would not allow us” – Marco Gomes, nerd from the periphery (his words!). What is the square root of -1 in aphromathematics? And pi, poor thing, could it be that he managed to free himself from the greco-white yoke that set him at 3,14130814…?

“He is a victim of society” – Mayra Cardi, ex-BBB, about her ex-husband, Arthur Aguiar, who betrayed her 12 times. This evil society…

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