Half the American population is pessimistic about democracy


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Only about half of Americans have high confidence that votes in the next election midterms – which take place on November 8 – will be accurately counted, according to a new survey by Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, published by the APNews agency.

Only 9% of US adults think democracy is working “extremely” or “very well”, while 43% say “it’s not working well”. This year, 68% of Republicans feel this way, compared to % two years ago . The share of Democrats with a pessimistic view of how democracy is working in the US dropped from 59% for 25%.

The agency’s cited “general despair” over democracy stems from decades of increasing polarization across the country, from presidential and parliamentary disputes to local disputes such as disputes over school boards.

At the Overall, a quarter of US adults – including similar percentages of Republicans and Democrats – say they are optimistic about how leaders are chosen, while 25% say they are pessimistic. Others 31% did not give an opinion.

The AP-NORC poll also highlighted that a large segment of Republicans (45%) believes that Biden’s election was not legitimate. The new result is slightly below the 66% of July .

The survey also shows that 32% of Americans say they have “very ” or “fairly” confidence that the votes in the midterm elections of 2022 will be counted accurately. Security is higher among Democrats, 74% of whom say they are highly confident. On the republican side, confidence in the elections is mixed: 25% have high confidence, 24% have moderate confidence and % have little or no confidence .

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