Gunman who killed 4 in Oklahoma targeted doctor who had operated on him


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Polícia de Tulsa informou que atirador culpava médico por dores que sentia nas costas após ter passado por cirurgia
Tulsa Police reported that the shooter blamed a doctor for pain in his back after undergoing surgery | Photo: Reproduction/CBS News

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said on Thursday (2) that a man who killed four people with an AR rifle-12 the day before and then committed suicide in a city hospital had targeted a doctor at the institution he blamed for back pain after undergoing surgery.

According to information from Reuters, authorities reported that the shooter was identified as Michael Lewis, from 17 years, and that he bought the gun on the same day of the attack.

The gunman’s intentions were expressed in a letter found next to Lewis’ body. Preston Phillips, of 59 years, the surgeon who had operated on the attacker, was one of the fatal victims of the shooting, in which another doctor from Saint Francis Hospital, a receptionist and a patient were also killed. Police said the gunman intended to “kill Phillips and anyone who got in his way.”

Lewis, who lived in Muskogee, Oklahoma City about

] kilometers from Tulsa, had been discharged in 15 in May after undergoing back surgery and then reportedly called the hospital several times to complain of pain before Wednesday’s attack, police added.

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