Gunman kills 5 and injures 18 at gay nightclub in the United States

Clube noturno em Colorado Springs onde atirador matou cinco pessoas

Colorado Springs nightclub where gunman killed five people

| Photo: Trey Luffy / Twitter

18 At least five people died and eighteen were injured in an armed attack against the gay nightclub Club Q, in the city of Colorado Springs, United States.18

The shooter, identified as Anderson year old Lee Aldrich broke into the nightclub around midnight on Saturday during a party drag queen and opened fire against visitors. According to the police, he acted alone and used at least two weapons, one of them a rifle.20163556

The number of dead and wounded was not greater only because two customers reacted and managed to disarm the aggressor. US President Joe Biden lamented the attack and said that “we must eliminate inequalities that contribute to violence” against the gay community. “Gun violence continues to have a particular and devastating effect on these communities across the country, and threats of violence have increased,” said Biden.

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