Gunman disguised himself as a woman during attack and planned shooting for weeks, police say

Robert Crimo, the man detained in the shooting on Monday (4) that left six dead and 70 wounded in Highland Park, in the US state of Illinois, planned the attack for weeks and the

Lake County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Director Christopher Covelli said Crimo has 21 years, and not 22 as reported the day before, and that their motivations have not yet been clarified.

“We believe that he planned this attack for weeks. He took a high-powered rifle to the parade, went to the roof of a store via the fire escape and started opening fire on the innocent participants in the Independence Day celebration,” Covelli told a news conference.

According to Covelli, the suspect, who acted alone, dressed as a woman to hide his facial tattoos and identity.

Authorities interviewed witnesses and survivors of the incident and analyzed footage of video recorded with cell phones.

Covelli explained that the alleged shooter, who fired more than 70 shots into the crowd, bought the gun legally in Illinois.

After the shooting, Crimo left the roof from which he fired, threw the rifle and mingled with the crowd as if he were just another attendee of the event, to go to his mother’s house, who resides nearby.


Then, he used his mother’s vehicle to escape, but was intercepted while trying to escape. Inside that car, the police found a second rifle.

A month ago, 19 minors and two teachers were shot dead by a young man of 18 years ago he broke into an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, with a legally acquired semi-automatic rifle.

After this attack and another in Buffalo, New York , in which ten people died, Congress approved in June an increase in gun control, with an agreement between Democrats and Republicans.

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