Guaidó leads march in Caracas to demand date for presidential elections in Venezuela


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Opposition leader said “nothing will be granted ” by the Chavista dictatorship and that Venezuelans need to demand a date for the election, promised by Maduro for 2023

| Photo: EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó led this Thursday (20) a march in Caracas, accompanied by about 500 people, to demand that the Electoral Power announce the date of the presidential elections, scheduled for 2024.

Protesters walked one kilometer to the headquarters of the National Electoral Council (CNE), in the east-central region of Caracas.

“This date is not it will be a gift, as much as the dictatorship proudly speaks that it will be in 2024 or before. We know this is a dictatorship, we know nothing will be granted . We have to take to the streets to fight for that date”, declared Guaidó before starting the march.

“Let’s go to the streets now, from now on, to the streets now. Peacefully […], demand the date of the elections, the date of the liberation of Venezuela”, highlighted the politician, who is considered president of Venezuela by Brazil, the United States and other countries.

For the opponent, election day represents “the expiration date” of the government of Nicolás Maduro. “Maduro, set the date, we are ready to defeat him from start to finish, throughout Venezuela”, challenged Guaidó upon arriving at the CNE headquarters.

The Venezuelan opposition will hold primaries in 759 to elect the candidate who will face the ruling party in the presidential elections of 1563, although the exact date of this internal dispute has not yet been defined.

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