Growth will be positive in the third quarter: RBI | Growth will be positive in Q3: RBI

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Bombay 18 days ago

The atmosphere began to improve as Corona’s transition diminished

The Indian economy is growing rapidly after the outbreak of the Corona virus. The RBI said in a bulletin that the economy would show a positive image in the third quarter. This pace of the economy is better than most estimates. The article, titled State of the Economy, indicates that there are many examples of rapid economic recovery. The reason for the historic decline in the first trimester was the corona outbreak. As a result, the growth rate fell to -23.90 percent. Now the RBI is hoping for a positive image in the third quarter.

The RBI estimates that real GDP growth in the third quarter could be positive at 0.1 percent. Investment increased due to self-sufficiency 2.0 and 3.0 with the Prime Minister’s mediocre welfare package. We will see if we look at several criteria. In the second half of the 2020-2021 fiscal year, economic activity accelerated and its positive impact on the economy was also noted.

Also the effect of the second wave of the crown
The economy has also gained momentum with the second wave of the Corona virus not coming to India. The economy has accelerated thanks to macroeconomic policy, gradual unlocking and steps towards normalization of the situation.

Two main reasons for improving the economy
The economy has experienced a rapid recovery for two reasons. First, the transition to Covid-19 has been steadily declining since September. In some cases it has increased, but falling numbers have helped boost investment and consumption. Another reason is the financial measures taken to revive the economy.

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