Green Agenda: The world's most self-destructive force

The climate-obsessed green movement is arguably the most stupid, self-destructive force in the world today, leaving a trail of irrationality and frenzy wherever it goes.

Let’s look at the recent record: the destruction of Sri Lanka, the unnecessary dependence on Western Europe, surrendered to Vladimir Putin’s energy blackmail, and the rise in energy prices in the US, which contributed to the loss of wages fastest in forty years.

The Greens are in full swing, taking the lead from the Socialists as the main economic and social saboteurs of the modern world (and, of course, both now work side by side).

If a hostile agent were to speculate on the best way to harm a society from within, the answer would undoubtedly be to increase the influence of climate alarmists and others. environmentalists, whose mission on earth (as they believe) is to make economic growth difficult and expensive, as well as the construction of oisas new.

In the ancient human search for cheaper, more abundant and reliable energy, they shout “turn around, back!”, while throwing obstacles to other human endeavors.

Once inflamed by the somewhat religious vision of an existential climate crisis on the eve of the end of the world, they reject all cost-benefit analysis — as well as basic realism. The result is ruins all around us.

Sri Lanka has achieved one of the highest ESG (Environmental Social Governance) scores and has destroyed its economy in the process. The country banned chemical fertilizers in April 2021 as it raced to become the first all-organic country. This proved to be a small step forward for environmentalist piety, and a big leap backward for Sri Lankan farmers. A large proportion of the land was left idle, and the production of rice, tea, and other things plummeted. The resulting economic calamity led to the collapse of the government.

It’s basically the Green New Deal in miniature.

Sri Lanka [antes conhecido como Ceilão] is a small island nation in the Indian Ocean. Germany is an energy power in the middle of continental Europe. But the green plague does not discriminate against the patient by size or wealth.

For years, Germany followed the policy of seeking independence from Russian oil and (above all) gas, while he congratulated himself on his great environmental virtue: he closed nuclear plants and increased renewable sources. Berlin cannot say that it was not warned of the risks of this approach. Such is the force of the climate orthodoxy fad that the thing went ahead, even with all the red lights flashing. For sure, Russia can now cut gas supplies during the winter. Meanwhile, renewable sources proved insufficient, just as all eyes were on them. They are too irregular, in addition to having other technical problems that will not be resolved in the near future.

From the height of its wisdom, Germany decided to close the source of energy that is clean, reliable and independent of an authoritarian state hostile to the West: namely, nuclear energy.

Germany is so far closing its last three nuclear plants. It’s going back to coal to try to make up for the loss this winter, insisting on its disastrous mistake of shutting down these time-tested energy sources.

Here in the US, of course Biden swore ” end fossil fuel” in 2019, a promise that, given our prodigious reserves of oil, gas and coal, would be almost as sensible here as in Saudi Arabia or Russia. Even as energy-driven inflation destroys the Biden administration, he and his supporters persist in pursuing a climate agenda that will drive up costs and create domestic inefficiencies while doing nothing to affect global temperatures.

This doesn’t make any sense. Except for the greens, which was never a particularly important criterion.

©2022 National Review. Published with permission. Original in English.
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