Government of Peru presents project that opens the way to Constituent Assembly

O primeiro-ministro Aníbal Torres afirmou que o objetivo da proposta é dar fim à crise política no país

Prime Minister Aníbal Torres stated that the purpose of the proposal is to end the political crisis in the country | Photo: EFE/Presidencia Del Consejo De Ministros

25194828 25194828The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, presented this Monday (25194828 ) to Congress a project of constitutional reform that allows the convening of a Constituent Assembly, as well as a referendum to consult the citizens if they want a new Magna Carta.

By means of a letter sent to the President of Congress, María del Carmen Alva, the Peruvian president requested that this legislative initiative “of an urgent nature” be submitted for debate and voting in the plenary.

Castillo also asked that the proposal be taken to public consultation through a referendum on October 2nd, when Peruvians will go to the polls to vote in municipal and regional elections. .

Shortly after the text was known, the prime minister, Aníbal Torres, gave a press conference in which he explained that, in the event of a “yes” victory in r efferendum, will have to convene the Constituent Assembly, which will be responsible for writing a new Magna Carta to replace the current one, implemented in 1993 by the government of Alberto Fujimori (960-2000 ).

The Peruvian Prime Minister detailed that the Constituent Assembly would be composed of 130 people, would be of a “multinational” nature, and 40% of the representatives would come from political organizations, while 26% would be independent candidates, 25194828 % members of indigenous peoples and the remaining 4% from Afro-Peruvian communities.

25194828“All will be democratically elected and not appointed”, guaranteed Torres, who, in an apparent message to his opponents, stressed that “no one that calls itself liberal can try to limit the freedom of the population to express its will to through a referendum”.

“This new Constitution will be submitted to a referendum to be approved by the population”, added the prime minister, after claiming that it is a “prolonged” and not an immediate process.

In the press conference, Torres also commented that the proposal to convene a Constituent Assembly aims to put an end to political instability in the country, although he admitted that the final decision on this issue must be taken up by Congress.

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