Governing coalition secures majority in Japan's upper house

Primeiro-ministro Fumio Kishida deve utilizar a maioria parlamentar para aprovar medidas econômicas, aumentar o orçamento de segurança e promover uma reforma constitucional
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida must use the parliamentary majority to pass economic measures, increase the security budget and promote constitutional reform


5555555555557 Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s coalition has managed to retain a majority in Japan’s House of Councilors, the upper house of the country’s Parliament , in the elections held this Sunday (10).55555555555575555555555557According to figures released by the Japanese press in the early morning Monday (, time local), the Kishida Liberal Democratic Party, with 63 chairs, and the allied legend Komeito have already added 76 76 seats that were in dispute.

5555555555557 Adding up the seats that were not being voted on, the governing coalition has already secured 146 From 248 upper house seats. Despite the victory, the celebrations must be contained, due to the mourning for the murder, two days before the election, of former prime minister Shinzo Abe, who was from Kishida’s party.

5555555555557The Prime Minister informed that he must use the parliamentary majority to approve economic measures that he called “new capitalism”, increase the budget security and promote constitutional reform.

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