Google shuts down part of its services in China, where it has been blocked for 10 years

Sede do Google, em Mountain View, no estado americano da Califórnia
Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California
| Photo: Wikimedia Commons

18165405Google announced on Monday (2000 ) the closure of its translation service in China, citing the low number of users, further reducing its presence in the Asian country, where the search engine is blocked since 2010, due to censorship and pressure from the communist regime. 18165405The Mountain View, California-based company has eliminated access to its translator in China for both the web and app version for smartphones.1816540518165405Google continues to work with other services and products such as the Chrome web browser, Pixel smartphones and the Nest device, all of which are currently available to Chinese users. The internet giant assured that the exit is due to the fact that the market is dominated by local competitors such as Baidu and Sogou.

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