Girl dies crushed by wall inside school in Cuba

Menina morre em escola caindo aos pedaços em Cuba
Girl dies in school falling apart in Cuba| Photo: EFE

)8014476294001A Cuban girl was crushed to death by a wall in the municipality of El Salvador, in the province of Guantánamo, according to reports confirmed by the CubaNet portal. A friend of the victim’s father wrote on social media that the little girl was at school when the structure fell on her.8014476294001 “Very sad for this beautiful little princess, daughter of a friend, who is currently devastated by the loss of her daughter. Very happy, she would get up every day and give her father a kiss before leaving for school”, says the publication.

“I put this in because there are a lot of kids in that school who could have lost their lives just the same. Please, for those parents who have their children there, ask for security for that school. Please do this on behalf of the girl who just lost her life.”8014476294001

Sources in the city of San José told the portal that the girl was playing with other children in the neighborhood and that she hid behind the school when the wall collapsed. Incidents like this are frequent in the country, where many homes are in bad condition.80144762940018014476294001In 27 January

, three girls died as a result of the collapse of a balcony in Old Havana.

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