Germany says Russian oil embargo would already be “manageable”

Manifestação na Alemanha pedindo o fim da guerra na Ucrânia

Demonstration in Germany calling for an end to the war in Ukraine| Photo: EFE/EPA/CLEMENS BILAN

The Minister of Economy and Energy of Germany, Robert Habeck, said this Wednesday (04) that the country is about to achieve independence from oil imports from Russia, which is why an embargo would already be “manageable” now. Before the start of the war in Ukraine, Germany imported 35% of Russian oil , percentage that the government managed to reduce to 12% and which corresponds to the imports made through the Schwedt refinery, in the east of the country.

In a video released by the Ministry of Economy and Energy, Habeck explained that Germany is looking for alternatives for the use of this refinery, operated by Russian state-owned Rosneft, and has not ruled out a possible expropriation of the facilities. According to him, Rosneft has no interest in using the infrastructure to refine non-Russian oil.

Habeck stated that “It was a mistake to leave critical infrastructure in the hands of a Russian state-owned company” and stressed that a sudden supply cut or an oil embargo would be “manageable” at this time. that would not be noticed”, he assured, stressing that higher prices and possible supply interruptions will have to be considered, “but there will not be a national economic catastrophe”.

27154801This Wednesday, the Russian company Gazprom confirmed that it had “completely” suspended the supply of gas to Poland and Bulgaria, at non-payment of deliveries in rubles, a requirement by Moscow to countries it does not consider friendly.

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