Gay kiss makes 14 countries ban new Disney movie; China studies measure

Balão no formato do personagem Buzz Lightyear durante desfile de Ação de Graças em Nova York
Buzz Lightyear shaped balloon during the action parade of Thanks in New York
| Photo: EFE/Peter Foley

The animated film “Lightyear”, a new production by Pixar studios, which belong to the Walt Disney group, will not be shown in cinemas in at least countries in the Middle East and Asia, according to a report by the agency Reuters this week.

The reason for the veto would be the presence of a couple of characters of the same sex, who kiss in a scene. According to the agency, Disney’s refusal to cut the film should also prevent the animation from being shown in China.

Among the countries that banned the film, which shows events with the character Buzz Lightyear prior to the first “Toy Story”, are the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and Lebanon.

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