Gatta Kusthi Movie OTT release date: When and where to watch this sports drama starrer Vishnu Vishal, Aishwarya Lekshmi

The village drama Gatta Kusthi, starring Vishnu Vishal and Aishwarya Lekshmi, is about to make its online premiere on Netflix. The Chella Ayyavu-directed film, titled Matti Kusthi, was also made available in Telugu.

Aishwarya Lekshmi and Vishnu Vishal’s village drama Gatta Kusthi is scheduled to have its online premiere on Netflix. The Matti Kusthi movie, which was helmed by Chella Ayyavu, was also made available in Telugu.

Gatta Kusthi Movie OTT Release Date

The Gatta Kusthi digital premiere features Vishnu Vishal and Aishwarya Lekshmi. The film, directed by Chella Ayyavu, also appeared in Telugu under the name Matti Kusthi.

According to the most recent reports, the film will debut on Netflix in digital form on January 1, 2022. The Telugu translation has not yet been made available. On Sunday, those who were unable to see it in theatres will get another chance to watch it.

Gatta Kusthi’s awareness of its traditional approach to a formulaic plot is one of its best qualities. Chella Ayyavu populates this realm with tropes that have been used before in similar movies. The protagonist is a member of the landed gentry who can afford to take time off from work to ride his Bullet, get into useless altercations, and party the night away with his group of boomer uncles (in place of Goundamani, we have Karunas here).

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There is the mother of the hero, who is plainly a bad influence despite her good intentions. We get a bad guy who parades around with his goons. We have a first-night scene that is a complete relic from earlier times. Even the pouring of a slug of booze into a delicate coconut appears to be a tribute to Maaman Magal.

When and Where to Watch Gatta Kusthi Movie

The critically and commercially successful Gatta Kusthi is now available for its online debut. This month saw the release of Chella Ayyavu’s latest film, which featured a cast that included Vishnu Vishal and Aishwarya Lekshmi. Vishnu made his second appearance of 2022, following FIR, in this film.

Matti Kusthi, which was released in Telugu, was co-financed by Tollywood superstar Ravi Teja and Vishnu under the respective Vishnu Vishal Studioz and RT Media Works labels.

Vishnu, who made his debut with Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, is now in his third sports movie with Gatta Kusthi (2009). Jeeva, his 2014 film, focused on the problems and politics related to the game of cricket. The actor, who was most recently seen in FIR, is currently developing Mohandas.

What’s the story of Gatta Kusthi

It’s about a laid-back kabaddi player who marries a powerful wrestler from Kerala. Neither of them realizes the other has a passion for sports. The story continues with what occurs in the couple’s lives when they learn the truth about each other. The acting, the few humorous parts, and the well-shot fight scenes are all highlights.

Chella Ayyavu’s Gatta Kusthi has a strong aroma of commercial cinema from the ’90s (think Murai Maaman or Maaman Magal), beginning with clichés that we have seen in films from that decade before surprising us by gradually subverting most of them in a refreshing and amusing manner. One of the locations of this story is the villages of Pollachi, which often served as the setting for similar movies. The film combines the political correctness of modern Tamil cinema with the tone of a rural comedy from the 1990s.

Cast & Crew of Gatta Kusthi

Keerthi (Aishwarya Lekshmi, excelling in her first true commercial cinema heroine role) is given several opportunities that are often given to the hero. Despite this, the second part of the film focuses on Veera (Vishnu Vishal, who gamely plays the ‘dummy piece’ and lets himself become the butt of jokes) realizing his mistake and receiving a chance to prove his courage, and the character is relegated to the background and given very nothing to do.

Thankfully, Chella Ayyavu doesn’t glorify the hero’s return but instead uses these sequences to discuss gender inequity in our society (with the exception of an overlong, nearly unnecessary kusthi sequence in the climax, with a villain who is a walking cliché). His effectiveness lies in the fact that he does this not via preaching but through humor and cutting lines.

Matti Kusthi, starring Vishnu Vishal, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Kaali Venkat, Karunas, and Munshkanth, was produced by RTTeamworks in collaboration with Vishnu Vishal Studioz. It was directed by Chella Ayyavu and had music by Justin Prabhakaran and cinematography by Richard M Nathan.

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This year, Aishwarya Lekshmi appeared in a number of movies, such as Kumari, Ponniyin Selvan, and most recently, Gatta Kushti. Both audiences and critics praised him for his performances in these movies. However, the actress recently disclosed that she will be pickier about her forthcoming assignments in an interview with a media blog. Aishwarya claims that she won’t sign a film unless there is interest in it, even if she doesn’t have a single movie release in a year.

In each of her films, she will co-star with a well-known father and son team from Mollywood. The gangster movie King of Kotha, often known as Coke, stars Dulquer Salmaan and Aishwarya as the female protagonist. Director Abhilash N. Chandran did the movie.

Gatta Kusthi OTT release date

The Telugu version of the movie’s theatrical rights have been sold for 2 crores. Regarding the occupancy reports, it got off to a good start in Telugu with morning Telugu occupancy rates of 15.19%, whereas the original edition had a miserable start with morning Tamil occupancy rates of only 7.43%.

The pattern in the occupancy rates remained unchanged for the subsequent performances; on day 1, the movie had 12.44% Telugu and 12.19% Tamil audiences.

Now, based on trade estimates, Gatta Kusthi’s first-day earnings ranged from 90L to 1Cr, which is a subpar start. The movie must pick up tremendous steam throughout Saturday and Sunday to put up a respectable weekend; else, its chances of being a box office hit are lost.

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