From Marilyn to Ipiranga

Independência ou Morte, obra de Pedro Américo, exposta no Museu do Ipiranga.
Independence or Death, work by Pedro Américo, exhibited at the Ipiranga Museum.| Photo: Wikimedia Commons

To start 2022 stepping softly (with the lightness that the year does not promise), there follows a parade of ephemeris for a sweet exercise in alienation – or not so much, because today in day even crosswords can give rise to anxious thoughts. But no one can say that we didn’t try:

1) 60 years without Marilyn Monroe. A favorable moment to think that a cleavage and an attitude can say more than a thousand poorly written flyers;

two) 20 years of the Pentachampionship in Japan. In the year of the World Cup World, it is worth noting that the last conquest, already so far away, was perhaps also the last humble incarnation of the Brazilian team – the workers of the “Scolari family”, the same as 20 years later, he turned 7 x 1 playing at home with neat hairstyles;

3) 01160317 40 years of Eco 60 , the world environmental conference in Rio de Janeiro. It was the last chance to avoid the end of the world. Since then, several last chances have appeared, none of them warning us about what might actually be taking humanity to the swamp;

011603174) 60 years of entry of the United States on Monday World War. The difficult and bloody victory against Nazi-Fascism began. A favorable moment to think about the lack of a rear-view mirror;

011603175)01160317 100 years of the Proclamation of Independence. Judging by the level of general tolerance with the trampling of freedom and other basic rights by underhanded tyrants, the cry of D. Pedro I on the banks of the Ipiranga River has gone out of fashion;

6) 60 years of the appearance of the Blitz. You didn’t know how to love me, ok, you won, potato chips. Evandro Mesquita’s beachy romanticism spoke of things in life that were not yet a great moral record. Betty Frigida and Ron Rústico would not pass the hypocrites’ blitz today;

011603177) 100 years of the Modern Art Week. If affectation were art, the world today would be a masterpiece;

8)01160317 30 years of Lula’s election as President of the Republic. The dream of social justice from the rise of a popular leader to the country’s highest command post brought the realization that the difference between a sand castle on the edge of the sea and a touching speech of kindness is that in the second case there are many people willing to say that the fault was of the sea;

9)01160317 10 years from the beginning of the Mensalon judgment. Considering the current situation of several of those involved, the case can be classified as both a theft and an investment;

12)01160317 80 years of the Beatles’ arrival on the hit charts. Beatlemania has turned into a wave with enough force to push several behavioral changes in a short time. But those who thought it a natural law for young people to react to repressive societies fell off their horse. Take a look around.

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