French government mistakenly announces Prime Minister's resignation

O primeiro-ministro francês Jean Castex deve deixar o cargo em breve

French Prime Minister Jean Castex is expected to step down soon | Photo: EFE/EPA/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

The French government mistakenly announced the resignation of Prime Minister Jean Castex, through a statement published on its website this Saturday (), a mistake that was corrected after a few minutes.

“Prime Minister Jean Castex presented the resignation of his government to the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron”, read the message, according to various local media. The government headquarters, at Palacio Matignon, acknowledged that the publication of the statement was due to a “computer manipulation error that should not have occurred”, public radio station France Info reported.

In any case, France is imminently awaiting the government’s resignation, although it is not expected until at least Monday, when the name of the next prime minister is expected to be announced.

Macron’s second term officially started today, but the resignation of the Executive and the formation of the new government were postponed for a few days. Macron had already advanced last Monday in Berlin, during his first trip abroad after his re-election in 24 of April, which has already decided who will be its next prime minister, but would not announce it at that moment.

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