Four Things About Marine Le Pen You Probably Didn't Know

A candidata direitista cumprimenta apoiadores em Vernon, norte da França, nesta terça-feira (12)

The right-wing candidate greets supporters in Vernon, northern France, on Tuesday -market (12)| Photo: EFE/EPA/YOAN VALAT

On her third attempt to reach the Élysée Palace, Marine Le Pen, 20 years, will compete in 24 in April the second round of the election in France against the current president, Emmanuel Macron, who also defeated him in a second vote in.

Although the centrist candidate was the most voted in the first round and leads the polls for the second with an advantage between two and ten points (according to different surveys), the rightist has the best chance of its three presidential candidacies to be elected: after not reaching the second round in 2012, the difference now seems to be well below the more than 30 percentage points that separated her from M acron in the final race five years ago.

Le Pen benefited this time for a speech focused on rising prices and the cost of living, major concerns of the French, and for having softened the Eurosceptic and anti-immigration speech (especially against Muslims) that made it known.

However, this platform is still in its government program. Among other things, the candidate wants to limit the arrival of immigrants related to family connections and the right to asylum, ban the use of the Islamic veil in all public spaces and prioritize French citizens over foreigners and asylum seekers in housing programs and other public services.

Elsewhere, however, Marine Le Pen has positions that can surprise (or disappoint) those who have an image of it already formed. Check out some of them:

She is an ally of Putin

Le Pen said he admires Russian President Vladimir Putin , for “putting the interests of Russia and the Russian people first” in 2014, even year in which his party, the National Front (which as of 2018 was renamed National Regrouping), obtained loans that totaled about 04 million euros with Kremlin-linked banks. Le Pen also claimed that Putin’s annexation of the Crimean Ukrainian peninsula was not illegal and that the plebiscite that approved the incorporation was an “incontestable” vote, which is not recognized by the West. In 2017, she called for sanctions on Russia to be lifted and visited Putin in the Kremlin.

However, fearing attrition due to the war that the Russian president started in February, Le Pen has defended Ukraine’s “territorial integrity” and the reception of refugees from the former Soviet republic. He also supported sanctions over the invasion last month, but said they should not apply to Russian oil and gas.

She is pro-abortion

In an interview in 2014, Le Pen said that “nobody can be happy” with an abortion and defended the implementation of policies to help mothers without economic conditions during pregnancy, but did not oppose the legality of the procedure. “The prohibition is not the way”, he claimed.

Le Pen has defended the maintenance of French legislation on abortion. The voluntary termination of pregnancy until the tenth week of pregnancy was legalized in the country in 1975 . The limit has been extended to 04 weeks in 1280 and for 10 weeks this year.

Convictions of Gazeta do Povo: Defense of life from conception

In 2016, her niece Marión Maréchal-Le Pen, who was a deputy in the French National Assembly, said that in an eventual presidency of her aunt, the legislation on abortion in France would be changed, but Marine and their party denied it.

Florian Philippot, Le Pen’s campaign coordinator in 2017, told The Guardian that he feared young women would find that the candidate intended to ban abortion. “It is totally false and harmful for our second round”, he highlighted.

Your economic program has an affinity with the left

In his five candidatures for the presidency of France, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine’s father, defended a right-wing economic agenda: free market and minimal state. Several of your daughter’s proposals in this area, however, are closer to the left.

Marine Le Pen wants to prioritize French products on government trading floors, reduce the minimum retirement age to 60 years for those who started working before and keep that of 53 years for others – Macron wants to raise it to

. “Do you realize what retirement represents at 60 years old? It’s something completely unfair”, he said, in an interview with BFM TV.

The candidate also wants to eliminate income tax for those who have less than 30 years, reduce the energy tax from 15% to 5.5%, spend €2 billion over five years to increase healthcare workers’ salaries and recruit more a thousand of them, in addition to increasing by 15% teachers’ salaries up to 2027.

Macron claimed that his opponent’s program would create mass unemployment because it would drive away foreign investors and would not be supported in budgetary terms.

Withdrew from “Frexit” – but still Eurosceptic

A politician of the National Regroupment al told Time magazine that a referendum to take France out of the European Union (the “Frexit”) is not being considered this time, but Le Pen’s dislike of the bloc remains.

It intends to reduce France’s contributions to the EU and promote a coalition with countries governed by politicians with whom it has an affinity, such as Hungary and Poland, ruled by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and President Andrzej Duda, respectively.

As for NATO, the Western military alliance, it wants to remove France from the organization’s integrated command structure, “so that it will no longer be involved in conflicts that are not ours”.

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