Former Twitter director denounces cybersecurity problems on the platform

An executive article from Twitter stated that the platform has serious cybersecurity issues, has lied to authorities about them, and has no ability or interest in determining the number of fake accounts.

Peiter “Mudge ” Zatko, Twitter’s former security chief, made the claims in a report passed last month to the US Congress and several federal agencies in the country, the contents of which were released on Tuesday (23) by The Washington Post and CNN.

According to both vehicles, the internal information shared by Zatko describes a company with management problems, which, among other things, allows many employees to access its central controls and sensitive information without adequate supervision.

In addition, Zatko guarantees that one or more employees may be working for foreign intelligence services and reports that company executives lied to shareholders and regulators about serious security problems on the platform.

In addition, “atrocious, negligence, willful ignorance and threats to national security and democracy” have been detected.

Zatko also points out that Twitter does not properly erase the data of users who cancel accounts. The report makes reference to the fake profiles that populate the social network and that are at the center of the trial that will put Twitter and businessman Elon Musk, who decided to cancel the purchase of the company, in part, because he did not believe the information about the called “robots”.

According to the former executive, Twitter does not have the necessary resources to really know the number of fake profiles. In addition, those responsible for the company are not interested in this either.

Zatko worked at the company from November 2020 until January of this year, when he was fired.

In response to CNN’s inquiry about the allegations, a Twitter spokesperson stated that the former director lost his job because of “ineffective leadership and poor performance”.

“What we’ve seen so far is a false narrative about Twitter and our privacy and data security practices, which is fraught with inconsistencies and inaccuracies and lacks context”, the company positioned itself.

“Mr Zatko’s accusations, and the opportunistic moment appear to be designed to draw attention and harm Twitter, its customers and shareholders”, added the spokesperson.

The complaints happen months after the company accepted an offer from Musk, to buy it for US$ 44 billion (R$ 224, 5 billion) and now it fights for the operation to be completed under the terms agreed.

Twitter went to court in July, shortly after the announcement of the cancellation of the deal, and the forecast is that the case will go to trial in October.

CNN indicated that Musk’s lawyers have already requested information about Zatko’s reports, with the aim of using it in court.

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